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Health, Wellness, and Exercise Science - Overview

Department Mission

In keeping with Benedictine College mission, the Department of Health, Wellness, and Exercise Science is dedicated to and focused on the development of the whole student: physical, mental, and intellectual. Programs within the department are interdisciplinary by nature and combine the fields of education and social sciences. The department is dedicated to providing a high quality education and career preparation with the idea of excellent teaching being the central to our mission. Our students teach in a variety of settings, including schools, sports arenas, fitness centers, community/public health organizations, physical therapy clinics, and outdoor recreation endeavors.


  1. The professional preparation of skilled teachers of physical education and health, as well as qualified persons in the allied areas of strength and conditioning, coaching, athletic health care, and the fields of leisure and sport management
  2. Preparation for the student to pursue graduate studies
  3. The opportunity for the student to experience both the learning of theory and the discovery of application through practical extracurricular experiences
  4. The opportunity for certification in first aid, CPR, strength and conditioning, and water safety instruction
  5. Wholesome health and fitness attitudes and knowledge for all students so that they may have the opportunity to discover and to choose healthy life styles.