Department of English

The English Department seeks, through literature, to vitalize lives with the wisdom, spirit, and voices of great men and women and to move both students and teacher toward wiser and more humane relationships with themselves and others, with life's tragedy and comedy, sordidness and grandeur.


Majors and Minors


Benedictine College offers a major in English and minors in English, literature and journalism.






Campus Organizations and Activities


English Club




Dr. George Nicholas, Professor and Chair

Dr. Julie Bowen, Associate Professor

Dr. Michael Stigman, Associate Professor

Dr. Sarah Young, Associate Professor

Dr. Madaline (Muffy) Walter, Assistant Professor

Dr. Stephen Mirarchi, Assistant Professor

Dr. Francis Carpinelli, Professor Emeritus

Sr. Deborah Peters, OSB, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus

Sr. Thomasita Homan, OSB, Professor Emeritus


Contact Information


For more information, please email Dr. George Nicholas or call him at 913.360.7575.