Faculty & Courses - English



Dr. George Nicholas

Ph.D. English (University of Southern Illinois)
M.A. English, (University of Tennessee)
B.A. English and History (University of South Alabama)

Research Interests: Old English poetry, Old Norse poetry and prose, Icelandic saga, Arthurian literature, Shakespeare.

Dr. Julia Bowen

Ph.D. English (Duquesne University)
M.A. English (Duquesne University)
B.A. English (University of Dallas)
Research Interests: The iconography of Queen Elizabeth I, Seventeenth-Century poetry, Restoration poetry, Restoration drama, film and literature, Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century novels.

Dr. Steve Mirarchi

Ph.D. English (Brandeis University)
B.A. English (Penn State University)
Additional post-doctoral work in Catholic theology and spirituality at Kenrick School of Theology and Creighton University
Research Interests: Catholic fiction, early American literature, religion and literature

Dr. Michael Stigman

Ph.D. English (University of Kansas)
M.Ed. English (Lynchburg College)
B.S. English (Liberty University)
Research Interests: The short story form, modernist literature, and postcolonial theory and fiction, the last of these because of his interest in the interaction between nations and cultures, as they appear in fictional accounts. Most of his free reading time he gives to contemporary short stories and non-fiction essays.

Dr. Sarah Young

Ph.D. English (University of Kansas)
M.A. English (University of Kansas)
B.A. English and German (Baker University)
Research interests: Music and literature, Literature of World War I, Modernism, 20th-Century Women writers, Women’s travel writing

Ms. Katie Rieger

Ph.D. English (Oklahoma State University (Anticipated May 2021))
M.A. Technical Writing (Missouri State University)
B.A. Professional Writing (Missouri State University)