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The Benedictine College Chemistry & Biochemistry Club (the "Chem Club") is a student chapter of the American Chemical Society.  The student members get together to share their interest in chemistry with each other and the local community and have a whole lot of fun!  For more information, contact Dr. Blaustein, faculty advisor.


Discovery Day



Discovery Day is a day in April devoted to showcasing research and performance projects of Benedictine College students.  Many of our chemistry students actively participate in the Discovery Program.  Below is a list of chemistry/biochemistry projects that were presented during Discovery Day in recent years.


Discovery Day 2014

TitleStudent Researchers
Synthesis of a Beta-lactamase Transition State-analog InhibitorKeelan Trull
Photophysical Properties of Diphenylamine

Emily Akerman,
Lena Volkers, Ryan Pigg

Synthesis of N-(p-substitutedbenzalamino)oxindoles

Jamie Strine, Kelsey Williams, Cooper Smith

Investigating Molecular Magnetism with a Gouy BalanceThomas Anderson,
Keelan Trull, Michael Farnet
Cookie Calorimetry: Calorie Content of Baked Goods and the Calorie Content of Their Raw IngredientsAndrew Hunn, Rachel Hernandez



Discovery Day 2013

TitleStudent Researchers
The Synthesis and Spectral Properties of N-(p-substitutedbenzalamino)oxindolesKristen Oswald
The Synthesis of Intermediates Leading to Non-steroidal Squalamine MimicsJared Baxter, John Bowen
The Photophysical Properties of Diphenylamine Upon Titration with Simple Alkyl AminesAbigayle Knaebel
Holographic Artistic Medium : A Chemical Approach for the Qualitative Improvement of Artistic HologramsPaul Wagle, Megan Broderick, Jenica Jarchow, Seojin Kang, Mary Moore
The correlation between capsaicin concentration and pepper pod size shown to occur during the growth and development of individual jalapeno pepper pods of Capsicum Annum .Ana Taylor, Patrick McGuire, Keegan Parks, Steven Leroy, Lauren Linton
The Synthesis of a Beta-lactamase InhibitorRachel Morphew, Joseph Pullizi


Discovery Day 2012

TitleStudent Researchers
Para-Substituent Effect on the Rate-Determining Steps of VIM-2 ß-Lactamase-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Styryl-Derivatized CephalosporinsKatherine Corbella, Tricia Walz
The Prevalence of MRSA in the College SettingMatthew Pesely, Paul Wagle, Jacob Fischer  
Metal Concentrations in Bovine EyesLauren Rogers, Stefan Ranieri, Maria Skorey, Karina Estee, Aaron Kranz, Grace Gawatz
Salt Effect on Substrate Binding for ß-Lactamase-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of ChromacefJonathan Severson,
Synthesis and Spectral Properties of N-(p-Substitutedbenzalamino)oxindolesAnna Pavlovich, Kristen Oswald, Joshua Piper