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The Benedictine College Chemistry & Biochemistry Club (the "Chem Club") is a student chapter of the American Chemical Society.  The student members get together to share their interest in chemistry with each other and the local community and have a whole lot of fun!  For more information, contact Dr. Blaustein, faculty advisor.


Discovery Day



Discovery Day is a day in April devoted to showcasing research and performance projects of Benedictine College students.  Many of our chemistry students actively participate in the Discovery Program.  Below is a list of chemistry/biochemistry projects that were presented during Discovery Day in recent years.


Discovery Day 2018


Student Researchers

A Computational Investigation of the Properties of N-Rich Salts of 2-Methyl-5-Nitraminotetrazole

Joseph Barnes

Burnable Disc/ Alternative Fuel Source

Matthew Branch, William Giesen, Michael Baltuska, George Emrich, Isaac Meyer, Joseph Marak, Karina Scheller

Exploration of Nickel Complexes for the Catalytic Production of Acetaldehyde From Ethanol

Michael Salemi, John Waters, Natalie Smaron

Discovery Day 2017


Student Researchers

Development of an Enzymatically Coupled Chromogenic Bile Salt Hydrolase Assay

Rachel Hernandez, Karol Arensberg

Preliminary Investigations Into Phosphorescent Chromophores in Organic Photovoltaic Cells

Anastasia Kastl, Joshua Caasi, Michael Salemi

Renewable Polymers

Jacob Martin, Matthew Corbett

An Interactive Demonstration of How Nanoparticles Behave in a Liquid

Andrew Miller

Progress Towards an All-natural Disinfectant to Reduce Foodborne Illnesses

Nathaniel Stacy, Fiona Fitzgerald