Chemistry - Colloquium | Benedictine College

Chemistry - Colloquium

Fall 2020 Schedule:

21 AUGIntroduction to course
28 AUGJob Searching - What to think about and where to look
04 SEPResume Writing
11 SEPGuest Presentation: Mr. Michael Aberer, Lead Plant Chemist, Iatan Generating Station
18 SEPThe Cover Letter and Submitting the Application
25 SEPGuest Presentation: Ms. Monique Huber, Quality Manager, MGP Ingredients
02 OCTBefore, During and After the Interview - “Video” and “In Person”
09 OCTGuest Presentation: Mr. Chris Kennedy, Senior Chemist, US Army Corps of Engineering
16 OCTMock Interviews
23 OCTGuest Presentation: Dr. Philip Goff, Process Development Engineer, Intel
30 OCTThe Job Offer - Negotiation Time!
06 NOVNavigating Your Career
13 NOVSenior Presentation: Ms. Liza Elwell, B.A. Biochemistry Candidate