Biology - Faculty and Courses

Dr. Terry Malloy, Professor and Chair


Ph.D. - Zoology

Oklahoma State University, 2001.


Research Interests

Impact of Disturbance in Ecosystems, Freshwater Ecology, Restoration Ecology, Biogeography, Population/Conservation Genetics


Dr. Mark Schramp, Assistant Professor


Ph. D. - Molecular and Cell Biology

University of California, Berkeley


Research Interests

Cell Biology


Dr. Martha Carletti, Assistant Professor


Ph. D. - Molecular and Integrative Physiology

University of Kansas Medical Center, 2009


Research Interests

Esophageal Cancer


Dr. Virginia Winder, Assistant Professor


Ph. D. - Marine Biology

University of North Carolina Wilmington, 2012


Research Interests

Ecology, Ornithology, Demography, Toxicology, Energy development, Rangeland management, Habitat restoration


Dr. Brent Mortensen, Assistant Professor

Ph.D - Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Iowa State University, 2017


Research Interests

Herbivore effects on plant diversity, small mammal foraging behavior, consumer-resource models

Dr. Janet Paper, Assistant Professor

Ph.D - Plant Biology

Michigan State University, 2011


Research Interests

Microbial community response to changing environments, Fusarium graminearum