Art Therapy

The Art Therapy Specialization is a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art with a minor in Psychology, and an additional three courses specifically in Art Therapy: Principles of Art Therapy, Clinical Methods of Art Therapy, Research and Experience in Art therapy.  Students explore the creative process and visual expression in relationship to therapy and engage in direct experience of the therapeutic aspects of art processes and materials broadening their perspectives of the benefits of art and also increasing awareness of self. In the final year students research, observe and interact with the processes of art therapy through direct observation and hands-on experiences. Introduction to Assessment is a learning component of the Clinical Methods course as well as the Research and Experience course.

Students in the Art Therapy Specialization track are currently involved in a pilot project incorporating the use of iPads into clinical note-taking, art documentation, and sensory integration. 

This specialization prepares students for admission into graduate school for Art or Expressive Therapies, the necessary degree for professional practice.