Architecture Studio Kit

These are tools required in the program from Sophomore Studio 1 and in each architecture studio that follows through the senior year. Each of these items may be purchased individually from the Blick U Architecture Studio Kit list. However, a student may acquire comparable, high-quality equipment from other sources. Careful procuring can reduce the total cost (about $500).

  • Parallel straightedge. Mayline products are the highest quality tools (Blick U Studio Kit: Mayline Mobile 42”). 48” wide will be difficult to find. Vintage parallels manufactured by Alvin or Mayline, in excellent condition, may surpass quality of new products.

  • Godets. 5 - 4” dia. and 5/8” h. porcelain bowls (Blick U Studio Kit).

  • Watercolor brush. Escoda Aquario squirrel, round, size 14 (Blick U Studio Kit).

  • Retractable tape measure, 12ft. Alvin 25foot (Blick U Studio Kit).

  • Clutch drawing pencil. Faber-Castell TK 9400 (Blick U Studio Kit).

  • Lead Pointer (2mm). Staedtler Mars 502 BK A6 (Blick U Studio Kit).

  • French Curves. Westcott Set of 4 Curves (Blick U Studio Kit).

  • Work Knife (or, 1.5” plastic putty knife). Art Alternatives Artist Work Knife (Blick U Studio Kit).

  • Vinyl board cover. Alvin Vyco (Blick U Studio Kit).
    [not needed Fall 2020]

  • Studio lamp (Blick U Studio Kit).

  • Plywood Panels. Two panels, 24” x 32” x (5/8” or 3/4”) can be purchased from Lansing Lumber (211 N.Main St., Lansing, KS; phone 913-727-3211). They must be birch-veneer on both sides. If purchased by August 1, the panels will be delivered to Benedictine College.