Summer High School Intensive in Classical Architecture

Program at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas

Part 1: July 9-22, 2023

Part 2: July 23-29, 2023


The Benedictine College Architecture Program is excited to offer an Intensive in Classical Architecture for current and graduating high school students. Under the personal instruction of the Program Director and architecture majors, students will have the opportunity to experience the energy of a program that studies the ‘languages’ of timeless expressions of architecture that provide the paradigmatic forms of reading the greatest buildings of the past and present. Students will observe the time-honored intersection of architecture and the Transcendentals (such as Truth, Goodness, and Beauty) in a rigorous program that aims to open their eyes and minds to the future challenges of architecture school.


  • Discover the Benedictine College experience by living in the residence halls, praying at the abbey, and enjoying an on-campus dining experience
  • Learn from Benedictine College faculty, alumni and current architecture students
  • Explore the beauty and history of the campus, the common grounds of St. Benedict’s Abbey, and the city of Atchison
  • Immerse yourself in a traditional classical architecture studio to learn timeless skills like:
    • hand-drafting
    • field sketching
    • composition
    • proportion and precedent study
    • intro to architectural theory and history
  • Develop your portfolio by designing and rendering
    an aedicule or facade (Part 1) and pavilion (Part 2)
  • Join professional architects for a final review followed by a luncheon with family

Program Dates

  • Part 1: July 9-22, 2023
  • Part 2: July 23-29, 2023

Part 1 is required in order to attend Part 2. It is advised that Parts 1 and 2 are taken in sequence the same summer, but you may also return next year to take Part 2.

Cost (Early Bird Price)

  • Part 1: $1,600 ($1,800 after April 13)
  • Part 2: $800 ($900 after April 13)

The cost includes room and board, lectures and full studio access, a studio kit (including sketchbook and supplies) for drafting and drawing; additional costs may be incurred out of pocket for off-campus drinks and snacks, souvenirs, etc.


If you have additional questions about the program, please contact:

John P. Haigh, AIA
Architecture Program Director

Registration and Scholarships

We welcome registrations from rising sophomore, junior, senior and recently-graduated high school students of any nationality or background.

Registration Deadline: Saturday, June 24, 2023

The program is limited to 18 total participants.


  • A personal statement (~500 words).
  • Verification of completion of the freshman (9th grade) level of high school. Requested for grade level verification only. There is no minimum GPA, nor is there a portfolio requirement.

Deposit: A $250 deposit is required at the time of registration. If you opt to pay only the deposit, the remainder of the program cost is due by 10:00 p.m. Central Time on June 24, 2023.

Cancellations: If we cancel the program, all payments, including the deposit, will be refunded. If you elect to cancel after the deadline of June 24, 2023, all but the $250 deposit will be refunded.

Acceptance: Participants will be notified of their acceptance status within two weeks of receipt of complete application and payment in full. If all positions in the program are filled, we will accept applicants on a waiting list.

Additional Information

Accommodations: Participants will stay in on-campus residence halls, separated for men and women according to campus policy; double occupancy is standard.

Transportation: Participants are responsible for transportation to and from Benedictine College. 5 Guys Transportation is a shuttle option for participants traveling to and from Kansas City International Airport.

Time Commitment: The word “intensive” in the title of the program means that the days will be long! There will be scheduled leisure activities but for the most part this program provides the high school student, to the extent possible, an experience that closely approximates that of the typical undergraduate architecture degree program.

Faith: Participants will be encouraged to participate in regular liturgies, including Mass and Vespers, at St. Benedict’s Abbey

Physical Activity Rating: Slightly strenuous; requires sitting on stools/chairs and standing at drafting tables for considerable periods of time; requires extended walking over uneven ground as well as the ability to climb stairs.