Bachelor of Arts, World and Classical Languages and Cultures

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Program Mission

The mission of the Spanish Program is to develop proficient communicators in and translators and readers of Spanish. Learners will also demonstrate knowledge of the structure of the Spanish language, and of the cultures, history and literatures of the Spanish-speaking world.

Degree Objectives

  • Learn fundamental skills of listening, speaking, writing, and reading of another language
  • Develop the ability to communicate on various levels in the target language
  • Gain an appreciation of the literature written in that language
  • Convey a knowledge and understanding of a different language, people and culture and to give them a method of viewing the world with a broader perspective


Julie Sellers, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair
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St. Benedict Hall

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Freshmen Year

ENGL-1010, English Composition3
SPAN-1000, Beginning Spanish4
THEO-1100, Introduction to Theology3
Two Foundations courses (see below)6–7
GNST-1000, BC Experience1
PHIL-1750, Principles of Nature3
SPAN-1020, Second Semester Spanish3
EXSC-1115, Wellness for Life1
EXSC Fitness course1
Two Foundations courses (see below)6–7
Elective or foundation3

Student should select courses from the following Foundations during the freshman and sophomore years:

Historical Inquiry (1 course)

Natural World (1 course with or without lab)

Person and Community (1 course; recommended freshman year)

Faith (1 course; recommended sophomore or junior year)

Mathematical Reasoning (1 course)

Sophomore Year

SPAN-2010, Intermediate Spanish4
Natural World Foundation3–4
Philosophical Inquiry Foundation3
Electives or foundation6
SPAN-2020, Intermediate Spanish II3
SPAN-3040, Intro to Hisp Lit & Lit Analy.3
Faith Foundation3
Electives or foundation6

Junior Year

SPAN-3040, Intro to Hispanic Literature3
SPAN-3400, Intro to Hispanic Linguistics3
Philosophical Inquiry Foundation3
Spanish Civilization and Culture or SPAN-3720, Latin Amer Civ and Culture(Study Abroad)

Senior Year

SPAN-3650, Survey of Latin American Lit. or SPAN-3660, Survey of Spanish Lit.3
SPAN-4700, Selected Topics in Latin Amer Lit or SPAN-4800, Select Topics in Spanish Literature3
Mathematical Reasoning Course3
SPAN-COMP, Senior Comprehensivecr
Spanish Elective3

*Please note that students majoring in Spanish are encouraged to double major; thus, courses indicated as electives would ideally fulfill another major.

Total program credits: 116-119

Other Department Offerings

  • Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Foreign Language, French, Latin, and International Studies
  • Minors in Spanish, Foreign language, French, Latin, and International Studies