Ex Corde Center for Catholic Media

The Ex Corde Center for Catholic Media creates video content to promote positive messages of faith, hope and love while providing students with the tools, experiences, and contacts they need to enter the 21st century media world as effective communicators.

Following the Transforming Culture in America Strategic Plan, the Ex Corde Center provides for the following key areas of Formation, Extension and Profession.


  • The Ex Corde Fellows program will help students use 21st century tools to promote truth, beauty and goodness in effective, far-reaching ways, beginning with Ex Corde mentors.
  • A Studio Day will give students hands-on experience in video production.
  • The Center will host activities, workshops, and speakers.
  • The Center will host educational trips to local television and video production studios.


  • Podcasts – In conjunction with academic departments and other centers, the Ex Corde Center will help create podcasts.
  • Content marketing – The Ex Corde Center for Media will host the school’s content marketing, promoting the college’s activity to off-campus audiences that share the college mission.
  • Catholic faith promotion – the Center plans to produce content that promotes the Catholic faith in video.


  • The Center for Catholic Media, in cooperation with Raven Walk plans to create connections with media professionals.
  • Center Fellows will help students find internships with video production companies.


Nathan Pickman

Nathan Pickman earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Convergent Media and Master of Applied Arts, Digital Media at Missouri Western State Univeristy. He has worked in sports, news, and promotions video in his career. Pickman pioneered and developed the Where Greatness Begins brand campaign at Benedictine College. He is an award-winning videographer whose work includes the documentary “Joya de los Cedros: Building a Church in Guatemala” and “Lemke: A Founder's Miracle.”