Thompson Center for Integrity in Finance and Economics

The Thompson Center for Integrity in Finance and Economics helps form the next gen­eration of virtuous and integral leaders in financial professions. This cross-disciplinary center provides students with the tools to make a positive impact on the prosperity of the region and the country, the skills and knowledge to become leaders in financial professions, and the principles and values to become role models in their community.

Formation, Extension, Profession

Following the Transforming Culture in America Strategic Plan, the Thompson Center provides for the following key areas of Formation, Extension and Profession.


  • The Thompson Center is helping develop an interdisciplinary Minor in Banking at Benedictine.
  • Thompson Fellows participate in the CAW investment club and can earn the right to invest a significant portion of the College’s endowment, for hands-on experience in investing. 
  • The Center sponsors opportunities for students to attend national and regional conferences organized around issues of integrity and finance.


  • The Thompson Medal, awarded annually with Country Club Bank, brings together leaders in the regional business community to honor a significant leader who reflects the values upheld by the Center. In April of 2019, Mr. Thomas Hoenig ’68 was the first Thompson Medal recipient.
  • The Center will develop a presentation for the Symposium for Transforming Culture in America.


  • Thompson Fellows have the opportunity to compete for highly selective internship programs. 
  • The Thompson Center supports student attendance at national leadership organization meetings and similar events which allow students to build their professional network.


Dave Geenens is an Associate Professor in the School of Business at Benedictine College. Dave has over 30 years of executive experience that he brings to his 12-plus years of academic teaching and adminstration. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree and MBA along with a CPA license (inactive). Dave has written four books and speaks to companies and groups about the integration of faith and work and the critical role Christian virtue plays in both effective business leadership and the protection of free markets and liberty.

Phone: 913.360.7633