Values and Characteristics of a Raven

All members of the Benedictine College community are Ravens. As Ravens, we embrace our mission to educate within a community of faith and scholarship

To fulfill our mission, Ravens embody these characteristics which exemplify the key elements of the Benedictine College Mission and Values:

  • Above all, a Raven is Christ-Centered.
  • Community: A Raven is collaborative, hospitable, and engaged.
  • Faith: A Raven is faithful, steadfast, and joyful.
  • Scholarship: A Raven is thoughtful, competent, and committed to greatness.

Jesus Christ

We believe in the love of Jesus Christ and the faith revealed to, and handed down by, the Roman Catholic Church. Grow in a relationship with Jesus by using the gifts of faith and reason to see and do things the way God does.

“The love of Christ must come before all else.” - Rule of St. Benedict 4:21

A Raven is Christ-Centered

Christ-Centered Ravens understand that everything they have is a gift from God and seek to offer it back with good zeal.

Values and Characteristics


We believe in service to the common good, respect for the individual, virtuous friendship, and the beatitudes. Demonstrate good will, humility, trust, accountability, justice, faithfulness, obedience, peace, and discipleship.

“No one is to pursue what he judges better for himself, but instead, what he judges better for someone else.” - Rule of St. Benedict 72:7

A Raven is Collaborative

Collaborative Ravens create a spirit of teamwork.


We pledge to uphold the dignity of every human person from the beginning of life to its natural end. Be open to the multitude of persons in the human family, God’s greatest treasure and our greatest resource.

“All guests who present themselves are to be welcomed as Christ.”  - Rule of St. Benedict 53:1

A Raven is Hospitable

Hospitable Ravens welcome others with authenticity and warmth.


We believe seeking counsel and listening should lead to wise resolution and action. Engage all members of the community on important matters so leaders make good decisions.

Listen “with the ear of your heart.”  - Rule of St. Benedict P:1

A Raven is Engaged

Engaged Ravens listen and serve the needs of others.

Values and Characteristics

Prayer and Work

We believe our Ora et Labora cooperates in God’s plan to make all things new. Always be in conversation with God through prayer and value the dignity of all work and human activity.

“That in all things God may be glorified.”  - Rule of St. Benedict 57:9

A Raven is Faithful

Faithful Ravens discern God’s will, work hard to accomplish it, and courageously defend their beliefs.


We believe in a commitment to one’s vocation in a daily rhythm of life following St. Benedict and St. Scholastica. Develop a balanced way of life and love for the people and place along with fidelity to its traditions.

“Never swerving from his instructions, we shall through patience share in the sufferings of Christ that we may deserve also to share in his kingdom.” - Rule of St. Benedict P:50

A Raven is Steadfast

Steadfast Ravens can be trusted to fulfill their commitments and are marked by resiliency, integrity, and character.

Conversion of Life

We believe conversatio, a commitment to personal conversion or growth, positively transforms life. Pursue continual self-improvement, seeking the truth each day, joyfully beginning again and again, hoping in God.

“Your way of acting should be different from the world’s way.” - Rule of St. Benedict 4:20

A Raven is Joyful

Joyful Ravens provide a positive witness to the Gospel.

Values and Characteristics

Love of Learning

We believe rigorous scholarship in the liberal arts, rooted in the monastic tradition, leads to the discovery of truth. Strive for wisdom lived in responsible awareness of oneself, family, society, nature, and God.

“We intend to establish a school for the Lord’s service.” - Rule of St. Benedict P:45

A Raven is Thoughtful

Thoughtful Ravens are lifelong learners who analyze problems, gather appropriate information, and make prudent decisions.


We believe the Lord God made all things and called them good. Care for creation and the goods of this place, our time, talent, and treasure, as gifts from God.

“More will be expected of those to whom more has been entrusted.” - Rule of St. Benedict 2:30

A Raven is Competent

Competent Ravens maintain high expectations for themselves, and exhibit diligence with the goods and duties entrusted to them.

Excellence through Virtue

We believe that a daily discipline and practice of virtue leads to learning, freedom, and greatness. Personally strive for excellence in all things, practicing cardinal and theological virtues until they become habit.

Show “them all that is good and holy more by example than by words.” -  Rule of St. Benedict 2:12

A Raven is Committed to Greatness

Ravens are committed to greatness and approach all things with class and professionalism, and constantly strive for success, and excellence.