Faculty Experts

Benedictine College is a source for expert comments on a variety of subjects.  The following members of the faculty have been identified as both experts in their field and willing to talk to the media.  If you would like to set up an interview with any of our faculty experts, please contact Stephen Johnson in the Department of Marketing and Communications.

Stephen Johnson
Director of Marketing & Communications


David Geenens
Associate Professor – School of Business
Virtuous business leadership, Business principles for Catholic business professionals

David Harris, Ph.D.
Professor – Department of Economics
Economics, Microeconomics, Catholic Social Teaching, General Volunteer Work


Charles E. Sprouse III, Ph.D.
Associate Professor – Engineering
Mechanical Engineering: diesel particulate filters, waste heat recovery, adaptive information displays to limit driver distraction


George E. Nicholas, Ph.D.
Professor/Chair – English Department
Medieval Literature, Shakespeare, The Vikings, Modern Pagan Witchcraft and the Occult

Media & Mass Communications

Kevin Page, Ph.D.
Professor/Chair – Department of Journalism & Mass Communications
Media Issues, Impact of Media on Society, Online Journalism, Media Law and Ethics


Christopher J. Greco, Ph.D.
Professor – Department of Music
Music Theory, Composition, Music Performance (Contemporary, Classical, Jazz), Woodwinds


E. M. Macierowski, Ph.D.
Professor – Department of Philosophy
Islamic, Christian, and Jewish Philosophical Dialogue, Memory and Recollection, Analogy

James Madden, Ph.D.
Professor – Department of Philosophy
Intelligent Design, Ethics, Contemporary Philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy

Political Science

John F. Settich, Ph.D.
Professor/Chair – Political Science Department
Political Parties & Elections, Public Policy, Health Care policy
Delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention

Kim Shankman, Ph.D.
Dean of the College
Constitutional Law, American Politics, Catholic Higher Education Administration


Amy Posey, Ph.D.
Professor/Chair – Department of Psychological Sciences
Psychology, Law, Jury Psychology


Matthew J. Ramage, Ph.D.
Professor – Department of Theology
The Bible, Church doctrine, ecumenism, faith & science

John Rziha, Ph.D.

Professor – Department of Theology
Moral Theology

Mark J. Zia, STD
Professor – Department of Theology
Biblical theology, marriage and family, Church teachings


Kevin Bryant, Ph.D.
Professor/Chair – Department of Sociology & Criminology
Crime Mapping & Analysis, The Patriot Act and Criminal Justice, Firearms and Crime

Spanish – Language and Culture

Julie Sellers, Ph.D.
Professor/Chair – Department of World & Classical Languages and Cultures
Federally Certified Court Interpreter in Spanish, Expert and author on the Bachata music genre