Raven Memorial Park

Raven Memorial Park is established in the heart of Benedictine College’s campus as a place of reflection and remembrance. In the center of the park, you will find the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, enthroned on October 30, 2016. This statue places the Divine Son of God in the center of our campus — under Mary’s Grotto and in the line of sight of the St. Joseph statue. This statue reminds our students to follow the Good Shepherd’s advice: “Learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for yourselves” (Matthew 11:29).

The park includes benches and the Memorial to the Unborn, dedicated by Ravens Respect Life for those Ravens Who Might Have Been. The waterfall in this park, built in the Year of Mercy, reminds us of the life-giving waters of Baptism, and recalls the crystal stream of heaven, where we hope to rest with the Lord. The stone steps to Mary's Grotto remind us of the climb to reach Mary's heavenly home.

The Park is dedicated to Benedictine College students called home by the Father from among us. We keep your memory “ever before our eyes” (Rule of St. Benedict 4: 47).

The Benedictine Ultima

Ultima in mortis hora,
When the last dread hour is o’er us,
Filium pro nobis ora,
Pray thy Son may fashion for us,
Bonam mortem impetra,
Death anointed and serene,
Virgo, Mater, Domina.
Virgin Mary, Mother, Queen.

We Remember

Claude Ruy
April 28, 1882

Julius J. Vogel

Walter H. Smith

Anthony Wolters
April 19, 1893

John Schneider
February 18, 1904

George Baumgartner
August 1906

Harry T. Bradbury
November 28, 1911

Clariden D. Ryan
December 5, 1912

William L. Blodig
July 16, 1924

Sylvester E. Burghoff
March 31, 1926

Joseph Thiebaut
October 4, 1929

Emilio Cortes Rubio
June 8, 1931

Manuel Garcia Gomez
June 8, 1931

Charles R. Bassette

Joseph J. Caldwell
July 6, 1937

Clarence J. Wietharn
May 18, 1940

Robert W. Seng
June 25, 1941

Elroy E. Parker
May 12, 1944

Harold F. Rohleder
October 15, 1945

Frank E. Gillespie, Jr.
July 18, 1946

Rose Garcia
June 8, 1945

Alma M. Luke
June 11, 1945

Richard P. Coakley
February 9, 1950

Joe Carl Liebenrood
November 23, 1952

Frank L. Burns
May 6, 1953

Jeanne Marie Heath
June 1, 1963

David M. Huddleston
November 18, 1963

Marjorie Ann Reichenberger
February 27, 1964

John M. Grady
August 8, 1964

Patrick H. Kelly
August 1, 1965

John George Bichelmeyer
December 23, 1965

William L. Kubie, Jr.
December 8, 1965

Robert E. Caldwell
March 31, 1966

James E. Cloos
October 26, 1966

Lawrence “Larry” D. Brown
March 21, 1967

George A. Roberts, Jr.
June 1968

John E. Playter
October 10, 1969

Daniel F. van der Hagen
June 12, 1971

Daniel P. Suellentrop
September 3, 1972

Jonathan “Jon” Floyd
December 19, 1978

Jeffrey W. Mahon
November 1, 1980

Danny E. Hodge
June 27, 1981

Michael F. Galligan
April 11, 1983

Gerard “Jerry” Braun
April 26, 1983

John Grewe
July 30, 1983

Cindy Heinen
May 4, 1984

Peter C. Cathers
July 1, 1985

Mary Catherine “Kate” Muldoon
October 26, 1985

David A. Chisholm
August 6, 1987

Brian Diederich
August 18, 1989

Christopher C. Cheney
May 28, 1990

Keith A. Betzen
August 26, 1990

Pamela J. Elias
March 20, 1992

Daniel Morris
January 17, 1993

Michael “Kelley” Wilson
January 17, 1993

Thomas W. Stallard, II
December 9, 1993

Paul E. Letourneau
February 6, 1994

Joe Forge
October 4, 1997

Meaghan M. Gates
October 4, 1997

Kurt Boldridge
March 19, 2000

John A. Waldman
October 10, 2002

John Paul V. Forget
December 16, 2008

Cheri Ann Menk
May 23, 2009

Reginald “R.J.” Demps, Jr.
December 21, 2011

Rebecca “Becca” Lueke
December 9, 2013

Kenneth “Kenny” Barrow
May 13, 2016

These are all the names we have been able to find of students who passed away while attending St. Benedict’s College, Mount St. Scholastica College, or Benedictine College. If you know of such a student who is not remembered here, please tell us. This park is a memorial for all of them.