The Haverty Center

Location on Map

The lower level of the Haverty Center contains a coffee house/pub area, poet’s corner with fireplace, the Monte Cassino Inn, the Raven Store, and a student workout facility.

The Raven Roost is once again located in the center of the first floor of this building. The Roost unites the past history of the college and its alumni with the lives of our current and future students.  The centerpiece of the Raven Roost is the mural titled "The Development of Atchison Around the Benedictine Community" and was done by Anthony Benton Gude, grandson of Thomas Hart Benton.

Words taken from the "Rule of St. Benedict" adorn the tops of the archways in the Raven Roost as a reminder of what the true foundation of the college is.  They include Family, Listen, Hospitality, Work & Prayer, Peace and Community.

Upper-level Gymnasium

The upper-level gymnasium is used for athletics. This level of the building contains athletic offices, two handball courts, and an isometric room. Originally constructed in 1923, Benedictine College recently renovated the building by restoring the historic space commonly known as the “Old Roost” to the hub of daily activity so many remember.

St. Benedict Statue

In 2011, the college unveiled an 8-foot-tall bronze statue of St. Benedict located in front of the Haverty Center.

Fashioned by Kansas City artist and Benedictine alumnus Tim Mispagel ’93, the statue features hands crafted from the artist’s observation of the hands of Abbot Barnabas Senecal, OSB, of St. Benedict’s Abbey. The Abbey also supplied Mispagel with one of its habits so he could see how it hung and moved. It enabled the artist to incorporate the actual Order of St. Benedict garb into the statue. Additionally, Mispagel did extensive research on the saint’s features as well as the footwear of the era so he could produce a final product that was true to the historical record.