Asher Sports Complex

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Laughlin Field at Olsen Stadium

The Raven Baseball team played their first game on Laughlin Field at Olsen Stadium on March 7, 2015, as the program moved to the Northside of campus into the newly constructed Asher Sports Complex.

The Asher Sports Complex was made possible by the donation of land to the North of Larry Wilcox Stadium by the Asher family, long-time supporters of the college.

Laughlin Field has a FieldTurf infield as well as turf in foul territory down both the left field and right field foul lines.

From the bleachers on the third base side, visitors have a great view of campus along with the Abbey beyond the facility and O'Malley Field.

The team has access to two full-sized batting cages as well as a double-mound bullpen for practices and warm-ups.

Laughlin Field sits on the Southside of the Asher Sports Complex and fans are greeted by the Olsen Stadium press box and bleacher seating.

Benedictine Softball Field

Like the Raven Baseball team, the Raven Softball team has also moved to the Northside of campus inside the newly constructed Asher Sports Complex.

Located on the Northside of the complex, the new Benedictine Softball Field features a section of stadium seating for fans as well as additional seating down both the first base and third baselines between the stadium seating and the dugouts.

Raven Softball now has access to their own two-tunnel batting cage as well as a full bullpen for practice and warm up during games.

When sitting inside the stadium, fans will not only enjoy a great view of the game but a breath-taking view of campus along with the Abbey.

Parking for the Asher Sports Complex is located in the main lot next to the Amino Center with access to Olsen Stadium and the BC Softball Field through the concourse of Larry Wilcox Stadium and then through a gate on the southwest corner of the complex.