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Benedictine 2020 - Resources

Strategic Priority 4: Secure, sustain and steward the human and financial resources necessary for one the great Catholic colleges in America

Following St. Benedict’s principles of wise leadership, the administrative functions at Benedictine College are also guided by our mission of community, faith, and scholarship.

Community: The richest form of community is a group of people so committed to a common enterprise that they work as one to achieve the same goals. To build one of the great Catholic colleges in America, all members of the extended Benedictine College community must contribute their talents, pool their resources, share the sacrifice, and work hard in order to experience the joy of achieving greatness.

Faith: The seeking and securing of resources for an authentic religious mission is a profound expression of our faith. Scripture and the Rule of St. Benedict praise the wise stewardship of resources. As a Catholic institution the College will commit to obtain and steward financial resources in a manner that is consistent with Catholic social principles.

Scholarship: The academic nature of our mission should be at the center of our financial concerns. The school exists to enrich the lives of students, and our financial goals exist to provide the resources, personnel, and future prosperity necessary to serve the students. Growing our academic endowment is a key objective of Benedictine 2020.


  1. Engage benefactors who will significantly increase the corpus of the College’s endowment to provide a sound financial foundation for academic excellence, to fund academic chairs and professorships, and to help make possible all dimensions of Benedictine 2020.
  2. Develop stewardship, advancement, budgeting, and investment strategies that ensure the ongoing financial viability of Benedictine 2020 in accordance with the principles of Catholic social thought.
  3. Implement effective marketing and communication strategies that increase the visibility and attractiveness of the college and communicate the value of a Benedictine College education to audiences with an affinity to the mission of the college.
  4. Analyze staffing levels in all areas of the college to ensure that adequate staff is in place to effectively carry out the programs of the college.
  5. Examine hiring and promotion policies across campus to ensure that faculty and staff in all areas of the campus are supportive of the mission and responsive to student needs. Provide regular venues for students, faculty, and staff to have ongoing education about the mission and values of the college and its relevance to their role in the community.

Strategic Plan: