Title IX - Important Contacts

Emergency Police – 911 (or 9-911 from a campus phone)

Sean Mulcahy, Director of Residence Life and Title IX Student Coordinator – 913-360-7500

(contact to report sexual harassment and assault for students) 

Dr. Kimberly Shankman, Title IX Coordinator – 913-360-7413

Counseling Center – 913-360-7621

Student Health Center – 913-360-7117

Campus Security – 913-360-8888

RD on-call – 913-360-7070

24 Hour Local DoVes Sexual Assault & Dating/Domestic Violence Line – 1-800-367-7075

Atchison Hospital Emergency Department – 913-360-5324

Special Guidance Regarding Sexual Violence:

All victims of sexual violence are encouraged to immediately call for medical help via the Residence Life Staff or by calling 9-911. Victims are also encouraged to report to law enforcement or campus safety officials. The College will provide support during local law enforcement investigations. Victims should be reminded to preserve evidence (no bathing, no changing clothes); to go to the local hospital as soon as possible; and to begin personal counseling.