Salvaging Senior Year 2020: Pandemic Won't Stop Ravens from Celebrating

Monday, June 15, 2020

Jack Lind '20

Jack Lind knows what Benedictine College is like in your senior year, and he was really looking forward to his.

For seniors, their final spring semester in the Raven community is one of the best of their entire college career. Spring Formal. The March of Light. Senior Brunch. Commencement exercises. None of that is happening this spring. The COVID-19 pandemic saw to that.

Any senior would have all the reasons in the world to feel a little down about the situation. But for Jack, the Benedictine College response only strengthened his belief in his soon-to-be alma mater

“When I saw the Town Hall on Facebook with President Minnis,” said Jack, “I heard the emotion in President Minnis’s voice when he assured us that we would absolutely have all those things that senior Ravens have. It showed me that my college is dedicated to its students, and we practice what we preach about community.”

Benedictine College is in Jack Lind’s blood.

His grandparents, David ’60 and Mary Pat Gueguen ’62 Miller, met as students in the Raven Roost. His mom, Kathleen Miller Lind, graduated from Benedictine in 1986. He has had Raven siblings (Katie Lind Asher ’15 and Annie Lind ’18) since he was 12 years old. One could have taken it for granted that Jack would become a Raven, too. That was far from the case.

“I wanted to be a meteorologist, and I love major college football,” said Jack. “I really thought I’d end up at a Big 12 school.”

That changed when he made a college visit to Benedictine during Katie’s senior year. Having been involved in youth group activities in high school, Jack had a deep appreciation for his Catholic faith.

“I saw how everyone wanted to go to Mass,” said Jack. “They still had fun, tailgating for football or doing whatever else. But they still had the desire to take care of their faith life. The community is what sold me on Benedictine.”

Jack reports that President Minnis personally consulted with him on multiple occasions to help determine the right time to hold the rescheduled commencement week. The college ultimately chose the week of July 20th. Having that date to look forward to means the world to Jack and his fellow seniors.

“Now we can have closure,” said Jack. “I talked with over 250 classmates on the GroupMe app. Almost everyone is coming back for all or almost all of the commencement traditions. It’s the perfect time.”

When you next see Jack, he may be telling you how to dress on a crisp spring day. (He begins his graduate meteorology program at St. Louis University this fall.) If he does, listen to him. He’s got an excellent track record of making great choices.