Mentors Needed: Now More Than Ever RavenWalk Platform Gives Alumni a Perfect Way to Help Students

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Megan Klebba Dougherty, alumni mentors and student in a video call

"What can I do to help?” Ravens being Ravens, Benedictine College has heard that question a lot in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown.

Here’s what you can do: Mentor students who are entering the workforce and need your advice more than ever.

Almost overnight, the college found itself face-to-face with the reality that students weren’t coming back from Spring Break this semester. Our community of faith and scholarship quickly became one of online learning, Zoom sessions with professors and study groups, and virtual lab lessons.

In all the uncertainty of the times, the one constant was and continues to be the fervor by which Ravens seek community. Whether face-toface or across the world, Ravens want to help other Ravens.

That’s why there has never been a more crucial time for alumni to get involved with the Raven Walk— Benedictine College’s professional networking platform.

There are no on-campus recruiting visits right now. There are no face-to-face mentoring sessions between students and faculty. As our students continue to discern their career path and look forward to internship and postgraduate opportunities, they are left with one option for networking: virtual. They need the Raven Walk.

Since the Raven Walk launched a little over a year ago, over 1,100 Raven alumni and 1,000 students have signed on. The platform is an interactive tool to connect students with alumni mentors in their chosen field. It’s a perfect way for alumni who want to be involved in helping other Ravens to do just that—with career advice, networking leads, internships, and maybe even a first job.

Map of Raven Walk connections across America

The job market is bound to be saturated for the near future with workers affected by the economic fallout of the current health scare. The Raven Walk offers a chance to help young Ravens in a time when they absolutely need it most.

“I’m hearing from students who had accepted jobs and internships, opportunities that companies are unfortunately no longer able to offer them. I’m hearing from students who are still seeking the right opportunity who are now even more nervous about their search,” says Megan Klebba Dougherty, director of Career Services.

Dougherty explains, “You don’t have to know of opportunities or the perfect connection to be of help. Just as important are words of encouragement, a show of support, and hearing from others who maybe also navigated their job search during uncertain times.”

“The benefits and resources of the Raven Walk extends to our alumni. Noting the current situation, alumni could be in transition and in need of support too,” said Joanne Kobe Huey ’88, director of Alumni Relations.

Alumni have a real chance to be the leg up that helps new graduates spread their wings and show the world just how far a Raven can fly with community, faith, and scholarship providing the tailwind.

To learn more about how you can form meaningful mentoring relationships with Benedictine College students, visit ravenwalk.

Megan Klebba Dougherty
Director of Career Services
(913) 360-7578