A Prayer from the Heart: a Marian Celebration

A Prayer from the Heart. Join us September 8th for a Marian Celebration.


In celebration of Mary’s birthday and recognition of the 5th anniversary of Benedictine College’s consecration to the Blessed Mother on September 8, college students, faculty, staff and the broader community will offer a Rosary from the Heart of Campus. The celebration will include:


  • 4:00 – Mass at St. Benedict’s Abbey Church
  • 5:15 – Rosary around campus
  • 5:45 – The Consecration Prayer and placement of Miraculous Medals
  • 6:00 – Picnic in the Park – celebrate with a picnic dinner, live band, and birthday cake in Raven Memorial Park


Come be a part of history with us. Join the 1,000 who will place a blessed Miraculous Medal in the ground, effectively encircling the campus in Mary’s love and protection.


There will be a limited supply of special Commemorative T-Shirts, so RSVP right away to reserve yours.


You will pick up your location assignment for the Rosary and your T-Shirt on September 8 after Mass.


“Give me an army that recites the Rosary and I will conquer the world.”

– Pope Pius IX




Rosary Intentions


Overall intention:


We offer this Rosary for Benedictine College, in thanksgiving for the great blessings we have received from our consecration to the Blessed Mother and in petition that God will strengthen and guide Benedictine College through the intercession of Our Lady.


First three Hail Maries:


We offer these three Hail Marys for Vocations, for the Protection of Religious Freedom, and for Peace.


The First Joyful Mystery of the Rosary: The Annunciation

As we remember how God became an unborn child, let us pray for all unborn children and their mothers, that they will be protected, cherished and supported to live full lives.


The Second Joyful Mystery of the Rosary: The Visitation

As we remember how Mary visited Elizabeth, let us pray for those who build community on campus: Student Life, Residence Life, our Athletic teams and all students.


The Third Mystery of the Rosary: The Nativity

As we remember how the angels called the shepherds to the manger, let us pray for all those who build faith life on campus: Atchison’s Benedictines, St. Benedict Parish, College Ministry, FOCUS, SPO, Knights, Fiat and all faith-based groups.


The Fourth Mystery of the Rosary: The Presentation

As we remember how the wisdom of Simeon and Anna recognized Christ, let us pray for all those who promote scholarship on campus: All faculty, adjuncts, librarians, the Student Success Center and all academic staff.


The Fifth Mystery of the Rosary: The Finding of the Child Jesus

As we remember how Mary and Joseph found Jesus after losing him on the road, let us pray for our country, that America will find the faith that made it strong whenever it loses its way.