Benedictine College is in Session, Some Class Cancellations

Benedictine College is in Session

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Benedictine College is open and classes are in session. There are some individual class cancellations due to the inability of the professor to get to campus. Check back at this page throughout the day for updates.

Here are the current cancellations:

Susan Barber - MUSC1100-A

Dr. Kevin Bryant - CRIM 1000 Intro to Crime and Justice

                           CRIM 2100 Criminology

Christine Glenski - ACCT2090 sections A, B, and C


Dr. Heidi Hulsizer - Applied Statistics

Carlos Lameiro - ART-1030-C Foundations of 3-D Design

Fr. Meinrad Miller - TH3240 (8:00 and 9:25 a.m. sessions)

Bryan Park - ART 3201/3202

Louis Reilly - AR2600,

Gary Rittermeyer has cancelled all his classes.

Charlene Smith - CIVL-4440-A
                          ENGR-3170-A (NEW)
                          MENG-3770-A (NEW)