Mirarchi annotates Dan England

Benedictine Professor Offers a Scholarly Edition of "Dan England and the Noonday Devil"

Published: Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Dan England Cover ArtCluny Classics, an imprint of Cluny Media, has announced the publication of a new, annotated edition of Dan England and the Noonday Devil (ISBN: 9781944418328), a novel by Myles Connolly (1897–1964). This latest release includes a new introduction and scholarly annotations by Stephen Mirarchi, Ph.D., an Assistant Professor of English at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. Last year, Cluny Classics published Mirarchi’s annotated edition of Mr. Blue, the classic work of Catholic fiction, also by Connolly.

“As with his introduction for the recent Cluny reissue of Mr. Blue, Dr. Mirarchi offers an extremely thorough and thought-provoking commentary on Connolly’s Dan England,” said Paul Almonte, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair of the English Department at Saint Peter’s College in New Jersey. “With its focus on fatherhood and servant leadership, Connolly’s Dan England and the Noonday Devil raises themes both universal and of immediate import.”

According to Cluny Media, Dan England and the Noonday Devil was Connolly’s favorite of his five books, thought to be even better than the outstanding Mr. Blue. The title character is a friendly and outgoing man who believes that everyone is capable of achieving sainthood. In the book, he struggles with one of the seven deadly sins, sloth, also known as the “noonday devil.”

For this new edition, Mirarchi’s Introduction explains the novel’s background and themes, and his notes on the text highlight Connolly’s influences, historical details and the connections between Dan England and myriad other great works of art, literature and theology.

The book is available through Cluny Media here.

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