Benedictine College Reveals Memorial Park Design

Benedictine College Reveals Memorial Park Design

Raven Memorial Park

Officials at Benedictine College are excited to share this computer-rendered view of Raven Memorial Park on the College's campus in Atchison, Kansas.

Located in the green space below Mary's Grotto and south of the Raven Walk, the park will be dedicated to Benedictine College students who passed away while attending school here. It is funded by donations - most of which were given to the college in honor of students and alumni upon their deaths.

This view is a testament to the generosity of our donors: Raven Memorial Park and the new Student Recreation Center, seen in the background, have both been funded by supporters of the college's mission. The future expansion of the science and engineering building, for which several million has already been raised, appears at left.

Another part of the park is the Memorial of the Unborn, funded by Ravens Respect Life, a student group at the college. That memorial includes a beautiful granite statue of an angel holding a baby and will be installed to the left of the picture, across from the bench visible in the drawing. Ravens Respect Life raised funds from its own donor base for the project.