Campus-wide Technology Upgrades | Benedictine College

Campus-wide Technology Upgrades

Benedictine College Announces 2014-15 Improvements

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Benedictine College announced that new campus-wide technology upgrades make the school one of the most advanced campuses of its size in the nation.

Academic Upgrades

The strategic plan, Benedictine 2020: A Vision for Greatness, was designed to build one of the great Catholic colleges in America. The plan calls for the “technological infrastructure needed to serve our mission with class, professionalism and excellence.”

  • Classroom Technology. After two years spent upgrading all classroom technology, the college has replaced all classroom technology and is adding more iPad enabled classrooms.
  • Computer Labs. The college has added nearly 50 new computers to its computer labs in Westerman, Cray Seaberg, Mother Teresa Nursing Center and Ferrell Academic Center’s Education floor.
  • Wireless Printing. The college will add seven WEPA wireless printers on campus, using the cloud system found at many major universities. Based on a study of Raven printing habits most students will receive all their printing (175 pages or less) free of charge. Students can print from the cloud at seven locations including the Library, Ferrell Academic Center, Student Success Center (adjacent to Dining Hall), and St. John Paul II Student Center.


To meet the growing demand for wireless access, the college has added wireless bandwidth in excess of that found in 85% of colleges of comparable size.

  • All Buildings Wireless. As of Fall 2014, all campus buildings have wireless access. The college’s 29 buildings are served 290 wireless access points, virtually eliminating dead spots.
  • All Residence Halls Wi-Fi and Wired. In addition to wireless access, all residence halls now have high-speed capable wired Internet access as well.

O’Malley McAllister Auditorium

As the campus adds presentation venues on campus including the new Dining Hall and the McAllister Board Room in the Ferrell Academic Center, the college continues to improve existing venues.

  • Lighting has been improved in the O’Malley-McAllister Auditorium, with new high performance lighting and stage lights.
  • Sound quality has been vastly improved with a digital sound board and mixer, 19 new microphones and a feedback reduction system.
  • Updates include the addition of a Blue Ray player and new paint, lighting, stairs and wiring in the sound room.


The college is protecting the security of information by implementing industry best practices, from password protocols to data storage.

  • Backup Services. Enhancements have been made to the backup system already had in place. The college will now back-up critical data to two off-site locations, with on-site backup to critical and share-drive data.