Coordinator Graduate School Support

Position Summary

This position is responsible for identifying and developing top students to apply for major fellowships and distinguished scholarship programs. Fellowships to include, but not limited to: Fulbright, Mitchell, Marshall, McGovern, Rhodes and the like. The identifiable students will include those from our Programs of Distinction: Presidential Scholars, Honors Students, Gregorian Fellows, Wangari Maathai STEM Fellows, and Constitutional Fellows, as well as students identified by faculty and staff.

Essential Functions

  • Sponsorship of the Presidential Scholar’s Club.
  • Prepare students for graduate placement exams.
  • Plan informative sessions on Law school admissions and sponsor Law School recruiters to campus.
  • Attend the yearly NAFA Conference and other applicable trainings.
  • Develops relationships with Departmental Chairs to identify potential student candidates for graduate school, distinguished fellowships and scholarships.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Position Qualifications

Competency Statement(s)

  • Accurate- Ability to perform work thoroughly while paying attention to all aspects of a situation or task.
  • Autonomous- Must be a self-directed.
  • Communication- Must demonstrate above average written and oral communication both within and outside the college community.
  • Organization- must be able to multi-task and demonstrate structured and methodical working skills.
  • Relationship Builder- Established and maintains a good rapport and cooperative relationship with students, faculty, and staff, while ensuring members are invested in activities necessary for success.
  • Self-Motivated- Ability to reach a goal or perform a task with little supervision or direction.


  • Bachelor's Degree required.


  • Experience in higher education is preferred.


Please submit a cover letter and an application for employment to Incomplete application material will not be considered.

Benedictine College welcomes applications from candidates of all backgrounds.