Call for Abstracts

8th Annual Symposium on Advancing the New Evangelization

Technology and the Human Person
March 29-30, 2019

Der Mensch als Industriepalast by Fritz Kahn

The theme for the Eighth Annual Symposium on Advancing the New Evangelization at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, is “Technology and the Human Person.” In Laudato Si, Pope Francis used the phrase, “technocratic paradigm” to describe an “epistemological paradigm which shapes the lives of individuals and the workings of society.” (#107)

We seek to enter into deeper reflection and analysis on this paradigm, with an eye specifically turned towards its impact on our understanding of the human person, social life, and the common good. We hope to develop a conversation that will not simply critique, but also propose solutions to living and communicating the faith within a world dominated by technocratic thinking. We sense the need for deeper discernment, especially by Catholics, about the role technology has in shaping all facets of culture.

To this end we issue a call for abstracts to scholars and professionals engaged in the fields of theology, philosophy, history, political science, literature, and the arts, as well as biomedical science, communications technology, education, economics, and industry.

Abstracts: Proposals should be sent in the form of a 150-200 word abstract. Submissions should be turned in online by December 3, 2018. Notification of acceptance will be given by December 15, 2018.

Presentation Details: Presentations will be 20 minutes in length with 2-3 presenters per session.

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