Benedictine College Youth Conferences - For Youth Ministers

Why choose Benedictine College Youth Conferences?

Our goal in Benedictine College Ministry is to transform lives in Christ for a life of mission.  We want your teens to leave our Summer Conference ready to go out into the world and live their lives for Christ.  This means we can’t just tell them what we know about God, but we have to give them the opportunity to see lives lived for Christ and then choose Him for themselves.

This is what sets Benedictine College Youth Conferences (BCYC) apart.

Our Summer Missionaries are current BC students living out their faith through their life on campus.  They have a daily prayer life, are regularly frequenting the Sacraments, pursue virtuous friendships, and above all have a zeal and love of Christ and His Church.  These are the young adults your teens will be with.  They lead many types of prayer including Lectio Divina, the Rosary, and the Divine Office.  They will be playing Frisbee, going to prayers with the monks, playing worship music, and many other things with the joy and love only a life in Christ can provide. We believe that the teens of today are more engaged by a witness than a lecture.  So we bring in some of the most on-fire young adults on campus and ask them to live out their faith through BCYC.

We have challenging, engaging talks, much like any other youth conference, but it doesn’t end there.  We then get these high schoolers in small groups to share what they’ve learned.  They talk about the topic, ask questions, collaborate on ideas of how to implement this aspect of the faith in their life, and essentially choose Christ for themselves in these small groups.  We want them to make the decision to follow Christ, to talk about what that means, and to share with one another how they will let this conference change their lives going forth from here.  We hope that this is a great summer experience for your students! We don’t want this to just give them the “spiritual high” that we see many programs encouraging.  It is our hope and prayer that this is only the beginning, and the seeds that are planted at this conference continue to bear fruit through their lives.  If you’re looking for an emotionally charged event that will be the only time these students go to adoration throughout the year we hope you know this is not meant to be that conference.  This conference is built to send teens back to their parish to make it better, to get their friends to go to daily Mass with them, to be kinder to their families, to change their lives for the better every day by choosing Christ every day.  We want teens to find Him, to choose Him, and to love Him not only this weekend but especially in their everyday live.  And we have college students striving for that same goal who are going to ask your students to run alongside them towards Him.  How can that not change a life?

We pride ourselves on seeking out humble, engaging, relational speakers who put faith above everything else.  You won’t find our speakers in a green room, but in the Cafeteria engaging your teens in discussion or in the Chapel asking the Lord what He wants these teens to hear.  They join the teens each night at a fireside chat where your student can come and ask questions ranging from who their favorite saint is to how they dealt with peer pressure in high school.  They have the same relational attitude that our counselors do and it really shows in our conference.  Although our speakers are incredible, and in our opinion some of the best in the business, in the end we don’t want your teens to fall in love with them; we want them to fall in love with the Lord!


If you’re choosing Benedictine College Youth Conferences we want you to know that we are here to support the hard work that you put in with your students throughout the year.  After time in parish ministry, our director saw a need for a different kind of summer conference, one that builds parish youth ministry up and sends the student home ready to go deeper.  This is why we do what we do: for the teens at your parish.  Many of the parishes who come to our youth conferences stay in consistent communication with our office.  We love hearing what their kids need, what the biggest struggle in youth ministry is for their parish, and what we can do to help serve their teens.  Your ministry is important to us, and we want to know what we can do to serve you! For any questions or information contact Megan Ryan.


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