BCYC Immersion - Evangelization

This track is available in Session 1: June 17–22, 2018


Cost of attendance: $525.00

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“It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me.” -- St. Paul


The Scriptures tell us that God made man in His image and likeness.  What does this mean?  Can I really be “like God”?  In fact, you can; and the answer may be even more radical and surprising than you think!


BCYC Immersion Evangelization is a weeklong study, in a communal environment, analyzing the human person and his final end in God.  We will explore what God actually is, His creation of man, His Incarnation and Redemption of man, and deification.  The more we understand God, the more we will understand ourselves.  Or, in the words of Gaudium et spes from the Second Vatican Council, “Only in the mystery of the incarnate Word does the mystery of man take on light.”


Dr. Jeremy Sienkiewicz

Assistant Professor of Theology


Jeremy Sienkiewicz, Ph.D. is assistant professor of theology at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas.  He holds a doctorate in theology from The Catholic University of America.  He teaches courses in sacraments, missiology, fundamental theology and spirituality.  He, his wife Catherine and five children in Atchison, Kansas.