BCYC Immersion
Education Track

Class sessions for this virtual track will take place in a live online environment with fellow classmates and the instructor.

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“…education is the main instrument of culture and in the end the two words have similar roots --, man has to be educated in order to become more himself, to be realized, for man does not realize himself unless by means of an encounter with something else.”— Luigi Giussani

Professional preparation for the education of our children is the primary role of Benedictine College’s Education Department. Students are prepared to assume the role of teacher in a wide range of environments from public and private institutions, home school cooperatives, classical academies, and as the first teacher of their own children. This track will examine the role of the professional teacher and professional preparation for teaching in the context of the liberal arts. A variety of issues and trends in the field of education will be discussed.

Date: June 14-17, 2020

Cost of attendance: $75.00

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Track Instructor

Dr. Matthew Ramsey
Associate Professor of Education

Dr. Matthew Ramsey

Dr. Ramsey is an associate professor of the chairman of the Education Department where he has taught for over a decade. Before joining the faculty, he worked in public and private schools as a teacher of those with severe behavior and emotional needs. A graduate of Benedictine’s program in elementary and special education, he earned Masters Degrees from Emporia State University and Benedictine College and a Ph.D. in Education as a Fellow at the University of Kansas. His research has focused on special education finance and the training and supervision provided to paraprofessionals. His teaching focus is on the preparation of special education teachers. Dr. Ramsey was the 2017 recipient of Benedictine’s Distinguished Educator of the Year award.