Town Hall Answers

Town Hall Answers

Below are the answers to some of the questions presented by the viewers of the March 19 Town Hall on Facebook.

Questions Regarding Community

1. Will graduation be canceled? If so, is there any possibility of it being rescheduled for later?

President Minnis is committed to holding a Commencement Ceremony for the Class of 2020, but the date is not finalized. More information will follow.

2. What about refunds for room and board?

College administrators are discussing how to address these important questions in a fair and equitable way for both the students and the College. They are working to reduce costs and are committed to treating families fairly. In this unprecedented situation, they appreciate everyone’s patience as they sort through what can be done. There will be more communication on this matter.

3. Will there be a Spring Formal or Springfest?

No. All campus events are canceled for the rest of the semester.

4. Will I still be able to receive counseling services from the Counseling Center?

Yes. The Counseling Center is gearing up for telecounseling, but there are steps you have to take to do that. Go to the Counseling Center web page for all the details.

5. Can I still continue my work study job?

Yes, if you can do the job remotely and with approval from your supervisor.

6. Is there any chance of spring sports coming back if the virus subsides quickly?

No. The NAIA has suspended all Spring Sports for the remainder of the semester and they will not be made up.

The NAIA has created FAQs specific to championships, the national convention, legislative/eligibility, and the eligibility center. Please refer to those for more information.

7. When and how can I get my packages from Rocky’s Copies?

Rocky's Copies remains open for the time being. Students may pick up packages when they come on campus OR they may contact Rocky’s Copies and have their packages forwarded using Raven Bucks as payment.

8. How do I stay connected with our community of Faith and Scholarship?

Watch your email and social media to learn about ways to connect with your friends and the Benedictine Community.

Questions Regarding Faith

9. What types of spiritual resources are there for students who are far away from campus and isolated from their communities?

You can always visit with your local parish priest.

You can check the Abbey's website for the latest updates on what is available there. The monks are also live streaming certain masses on their Facebook page. (There are no public masses.)

The Mount's Dooley Center is a nursing facility and thus Mount St. Scholastica Monastery is on lock down until the end of April. Please do not attempt to visit the Mount in the interim.

Benedictine College will begin a series of regular messages from Father Simon, college chaplain, next week. Follow the College Facebook page for more information.

Check our page on how the pandemic is affecting religious services.

10. What should RCIA students do to be able to continue to learn?

It is likely that a parish within your own community will honor the formation that you have received with Benedictine College Ministry, so you should be able to come into the church at your home parish. At this point, the RCIA Mass which was scheduled for Holy Saturday has been canceled, so you will not be able to enter into the church this year at Benedictine College. There is a possibility of a fall date, or you may enter at a parish within your home community. The Ministry Office will help to connect you with a local parish if necessary.

11. Can I still meet with my spiritual director? I do not have his direct contact information since it was coordinated through Ministry.

Spiritual direction can still happen remotely through a phone call or video. Contact the Ministry Office if you need help connecting with your Spiritual director.

Questions Regarding Scholarship 

12. How will classes work?  What will the format of most “normal” classes be?

Most classes will take place asynchronously, in order to allow for the disruption to normal life that these unique circumstances have put us in.  Some classes, due to their nature, must take place synchronously, and will have set meeting times.  Faculty members will use different forums and virtual platforms to hold their classes; this is necessary due to the wide variety of classes that will be offered.  Contact your professors directly to learn the specifics of each of your classes.

13. What about the classes that depend on in-person instruction (such as the arts: studio, theater, and music; labs; exercise science)?

The faculty have worked to put together some creative solutions to many of these classes.  Across the nation, professionals and faculty are addressing this problem, and working out solutions that will have the least impact on the quality of classes.  Contact your professors directly to learn the specifics of how your classes will run.

14. Will there be any extension of the semester?

Given the situation, faculty have been allowed to use April 1 (Discovery Day), Holy Thursday, and Easter Monday as class days. If students have difficulties with classes scheduled on these days, they should contact their professors directly. Otherwise, it is anticipated that the semester will end as scheduled.

15. How will the nursing capstone be handled?

Currently, hospital partners are cutting back on their availability to student nurses due to the nature of the virus. The latest recommendation from the Nursing Department has been to extend the semester into the summer so that when hospitals are accepting students again, they can finish off their capstone hours. The state board is giving some leeway considering the situation, so more information will be sent out to Nursing students as it is available.

16. What if I have not heard from my professors yet?

If you have not heard from your professors, you can reach out to them. If you cannot reach them, contact the Dean’s office.

17. What if I left my books on campus?

If possible, you are welcome to come onto campus to collect your things from your dorm. Please fill out the Request to Checkout form to gain access to the buildings during the time frame that you will be on campus. For those who cannot come onto campus in a timely manner: In some cases, textbooks are being made available for free online. Some professors will scan and upload reading assignments to Blackboard or other forums. 

18. Are California residents allowed/able to come to campus to get their belongings?

No. Students who live in California and certain other states or who meet other travel criteria of the mandated 14-day self-quarantine issued by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), will not be permitted to come to campus for any reason. This criteria can be found at the following link: KDHE Self-Quarantine Criteria. Please monitor this link for updates. You are welcome to complete the Request to Checkout Form, once you do not meet the self-quarantine criteria.

Students who are unable to return to campus due to the KDHE self-quarantine are encouraged to contact their RD, who will work with them to mail essential items.

19. Will classes be online for the rest of the semester?


20. How will senior comps work?

For the senior comps that are based on a national standardized exam, the College is working with the administrators of the exams to offer online proctoring of the examinations. For other departments, faculty are looking into different ways to offer exams or projects that can be done at home so students can prove the mastery of the subject matter.

21. How will students register for Fall 2020 classes?

You will receive information on fall registration from the Registrar's office via your Benedictine email. Registration will be online through the RavenZone.

22. How can I declare my major remotely or add/drop a class?

Email the Registrar’s office. The last day to withdraw from a class with a “W” has been moved back to May 5.