The Return to Campus in 2021 - Start Strong and Stay Together

Start Strong and Stay Together

The Plan to Return to Campus Safely in 2021

Benedictine College is doing everything possible in the face of mounting COVID-19 numbers across the United States to return to campus safely for the Spring 2021 Semester. There is hope as vaccines begin to roll out, but they will not have an impact on the student population or the general population by mid-January, so we must take action. We must start as strong as possible so we can stay together with in-person classes, faith life, social activities and sports.

Our plan to begin the Spring 2021 Semester includes testing and quarantine options for all students. The entire plan depends on each student following through with a CRL COVID-19 test, an outside COVID-19 test, or a quarantine plan.

The vast majority or students picked up a CRL COVID-19 test kit (the saliva test used in the fall semester) before they left. That test must be implemented on January 3 or January 4, 2021, and must be mailed to the lab (using the enclosed shipping materials) on January 4, 2021, using the student's home address as the location. When you get your results, submit the negative result to Benedictine College by sending a photo or screenshot to

The other options available are:

  1. You may locate and take a COVID-19 test that is available in your hometown. These are often free and can provide rapid results. The college will supply you with a message stating that the test is expected for your return to campus in case your local pharmacy or provider does not test asymptomatic people (you can access that letter here). Take the test during the week of January 4, 2021. When you get your results, submit the negative result to Benedictine College using this form.

  2. There are a limited number of CRL saliva test (the tests we used in August) available at no cost to you from the Student Health Center. If you are able to come to campus, you can pick up a CRL COVID-19 test kit, first come, first served. You will then implement the test on either January 3 or January 4, 2021. You must mail your test to the lab ON January 4, 2021, using the packaging material provided. Use your home address on the test. When you get your results, submit the negative result to Benedictine College by sending a photo or screenshot to

  3. You may quarantine instead of taking a test. If you choose this option, you must do a self-quarantine in your home for 10-days ahead of your return to campus. In addition, you must submit a signed affidavit (available as a printable PDF) attesting to the successful completion of the quarantine with both your signature and that of a witness. You are the "Affiant" and you can have any adult sign as a witness that you completed the quarantine.

    During this 10-day period, you should take these steps:

    • Take your temperature twice daily and monitor for fever
    • Watch for a cough or trouble breathing
    • Stay home and avoid contact with others.
    • Do not take public transportation, taxis or ride-shares
    • Keep your distance from others (approx. 6 feet)

    Your quarantine start date is dependent on when you plan to return to campus. If you are coming back to campus on Jan. 12, 2021, for instance, you should start your quarantine on the morning of Jan. 2, 2021. If you are coming on another day, start 10 days prior to your expected return.

    When you arrive on campus, you must submit the Affidavit of Quarantine to the Student Health Office, located at 1301 N. 3rd Street (behind St. Michael Hall).

Submit Your Choice


  • If you do not choose any of these options, you will have to do the full 10-day quarantine off campus at your own expense when you return. This might include starting classes in a remote setting.
  • If you test positive for COVID-19 over break, please contact Laura O’Grady, Benedictine’s COVID-19 Coordinator, at or 913.360.7118. She will provide further instructions about how you will begin the semester.
  • If you have had COVID-19 in the 90 days prior to the January 4, 2021, testing period (since Oct. 4, 2020), then these requirements do not apply to you and you may return to campus.
  • If you are a remote MBA student, this does not apply to you.
  • If you feel sick before returning to campus, STAY HOME and begin your semester online. Contact Laura O’Grady at or 913.360.7118 for more information.
  • For general questions regarding these options, please contact Dr. Linda Henry, Vice President of Student Life, at or 913.360-7500.

This strategy is intended to limit the possibility of COVID-19 on campus so we can stay together, with in-person classes, activities, faith life and sports.

Let’s Start Strong and Stay Together!

Ravens Will Rise!