Protect the Flock Agreement Update | Benedictine College

Protect the Flock Agreement Update

Effective October 8, 12:01

As fall weather arrives, we are encouraged by the modest number of positive COVID-19 cases in our campus community. Thank you for all you are doing to keep us healthy by following the College’s health and safety protocols. We are proud of our Raven family and grateful to be on campus together.

Given our momentum, this email provides an update related to campus life.

In a spirit of cooperation and mutual trust we have modified our virus mitigation efforts. We will continue to monitor Covid-19 cases on campus and make modifications as needed moving forward.

Please note: We still need to be vigilant to keep our campus safe, healthy, and open.

Changes to Mitigation Efforts beginning Thursday, October 8, 2020

Residence Hall room visitation:

Current policy. To protect student rooms as private spaces in which masks and physical distancing are not required, only the students assigned to a residence hall room will be allowed to be in their room to start the fall semester. Assigned roommates will be considered a “household” for purposes of contact tracing.

Policy effective 10.08.20. Residents are permitted to have a maximum of two guests in their residence hall room, provided that all students wear masks and distance appropriately. In residence halls rooms with lounges, a maximum of four guests are allowed in the suite, apartment, campus house/row house, with no more than two guests in any bedroom in the suite, apartment, campus house, or row house at any given time.

All other residence hall policies remain in effect for the health and safety of residents.

Continued COVID-19 Mitigation Measures, UPDATED 10/08/20
(These measures will be regularly reviewed.)

Health and Safety Modifications

  • Masks/face coverings must be worn on campus at all times and in all places. (Exceptions: when walking alone outside, exercising outside, or when students are in their assigned residence hall rooms as households).
  • Knowing that socialization outside of households has contributed to spread, physical distancing must be vigilant.
  • Students must adhere to all college health and safety guidelines.

On-Campus Student Experience

  • Mass and Confessions will continue to be offered as scheduled in St. Benedict’s Abbey with all health and safety protocols in place (masked and distanced). Adoration in Memorial Hall will continue as planned in accord with the safety measures.
  • The Haverty weight room and Amino Center weight room will be open according to posted health and safety protocols.
  • Students are asked to reduce density in common spaces (e.g. Haverty Center, Library, JPII Student Center). Staff will monitor these locations and may require students to relocate.
  • The Dining Hall will remain open in a reduced capacity. Students may not reposition furniture.
  • Student clubs and organizations must demonstrate that they can carry on their activities in accord with physical distancing and mask wearing or plan on meeting remotely.
  • Athletic teams should look to their coaches regarding practice plans.
  • Pastoral visits to quarantined or isolated students continue to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to make sure they can be done safely.

Off-Campus Student Experience

  • A significant number of the college’s COVID-19 positive cases have been linked to off-campus gatherings. The common thread among cases is a lack of mask wearing and physical distancing.
  • Off-campus students should remain vigilant to the dangers of hosting non-household members in their homes.

Addressing Violations

  • Faculty or staff should report those who are not wearing masks or who are engaging in unsafe behavior with specific names and details to the Student Life Office email at Violations will be referred to the conduct process.
  • Students found responsible for violating our COVID-19 policies will face disciplinary action, up to and including removal from campus housing, dismissal from the College, etc.

Care for Our Members in Quarantine and Isolation

Students in quarantine or isolation are being cared for in many ways, including the RB-36 plan, based on the Rule of St. Benedict, to add even more care for students in quarantine and isolation. Learn more


Thank you once again for your cooperation in this important effort. Your willingness to make your best effort has made all the difference. It is our shared Benedictine College’s goal for Fall 2020 to give you:

  • a safe and healthy environment;
  • with a dynamic Campus life including athletics;
  • with inspiring faith programs including the sacraments;
  • with students in the classroom;
  • all with the intent to stay open and true to the mission.

Preventing further spread requires vigilant action from each of us. In addition to what’s been outlined above, please commit to wearing masks, practicing physical distancing, and proper sanitization practices. This shared commitment and the success of these measures will determine how we will remain together.

Ravens Will Rise!

Linda Henry, Ed.D.
Vice President of Student Life

Joseph Wurtz, Ed.D.
Dean of Students