Community During Quarantine/Isolation (RB 36) | Benedictine College

RB 36 
Community During Quarantine/Isolation

Named for the Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 36, On the Care of Sick Monks, RB 36 is the Benedictine College plan to give extra attention to Ravens in quarantine and isolation.

The quarantine/isolation experience can be lonely, stressful, scary, or just plain boring, and we want to walk with our quarantined and isolated students, who remain irreplaceable members of our community of faith and scholarship. In his Rule, St. Benedict gives us sound advice: “Care of the sick must rank above and before all else, so that they may truly be served as Christ” (RB 36:1). Following his instruction, the College has started RB 36, which will focus on maintaining a close connection with all our Ravens on quarantine or isolation.

Students under quarantine or isolation have the option to be paired with a member of the Benedictine College community who will reach out to them each day to see how they're doing, talk about their day and, most importantly, virtually accompany them until they can be back on campus. We want to give this opportunity to each of our Ravens on quarantine or isolation, but we also want to respect their privacy. So, if you would like to sign up for Daily Check-Ins, please opt-in here.

We know this is a difficult time, and we hope these measures will offer some degree of help. We look forward to seeing quarantined and isolated Ravens back on campus!