Checkout FAQs

Housing Checkout Information

With the safety of our students as our number one priority, all residence halls closed for the semester on Sunday, March 22, and will not reopen for the Spring 2020 semester.


1. What information do I need to know regarding move-out?

Who: Residential Students currently not on campus

What: We are requiring all residential students that are currently not on campus to complete a Request to Checkout Form to schedule a date to retrieve their belongings.

 Students may begin moving out at any time, but only after receiving confirmation via the Request to Checkout Form from the Student Life Office. Students will be able to select a date through May 16, 2020, to retrieve their belongings. Based on the volume of requests expected, we ask that when completing the Request to Checkout Form, you allow 24 hours between form submission and intended return date to guarantee card access upon your return.

While we are allowing you to return through May 16, 2020, for some of you it may be advantageous to collect your belongings sooner as travel is becoming increasingly restricted.

How: So as to minimize the number of people on campus, we are asking that only the student and 2 volunteers retrieve belongings.

What if I do not intend to come back to campus, but would like my belongings shipped to me? We are happy to work with you and to have your RD mail you some of your more essential items that are still in your room.  

2. I’m an international student, is there someone I can contact to assist me?

Yes - International students can contact Avery Miller ( to set up a phone appointment to discuss the possibility of returning home prior to filling out this form.

3. I have already moved out but still have my room key, what should I do?

Students must return their room key to the RA office at the time of their checkout. In the event that a student has already removed all of their belongings but forgot to return their key, they should mail their key to:

Attn: Student Life Office, Benedictine College 1020 N. 2nd St. Atchison, KS. 66002

4. Can someone other than the student complete the check-out/remove the student’s belongings?

If students prefer to designate someone else to retrieve their belongings, they may indicate this information on the form that all residential students need to complete.

5. Are we supposed to move out completely for the remainder of the semester?

Yes, whenever you return to campus to check-out, please plan on retrieving all of your belongings. Benedictine College is allowing students to return to move their belongings out through May 16, 2020.

6. What if I need to continue to stay on campus based on an extraordinary hardship?

International students or students with extraordinary hardship may request to remain in the residence halls after March 22, 2020. Fill out the Hardship Request Form. These requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis. The travel of students who are approved to remain may be restricted within the Atchison city limits and students may be relocated to another room on campus. If any of these categories apply to you, please provide as much information as you are comfortable sharing on the form. Additional information may be requested as we review and make decisions about who will be approved to stay on campus. 

7. I have requested an exception to remain on campus. When will I find out if my exception is approved?

For anyone who submits an exception request, please allow 48 hours for a response. We will make every effort to respond to those requests in a timely manner.

8. If I am approved to stay on campus past March 22, 2020, do I continue living in my current space?

Yes, for now. After check-out is complete, we will make further decisions about where these students will live and who their roommate(s) will be for the duration of their stay.

9. If I am currently residing in an area with a large number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, should I return to campus to check-out right now?

Students who live in states or who meet other travel criteria of the mandated 14-day self-quarantine issued by KDHE, will not be permitted to come to campus for any reason. This criteria can be found at the following link: KDHE Self-Quarantine Criteria.  Students who are unable to return to campus due to the KDHE self-quarantine are encouraged to contact their RD, who will work with them to mail essential items.

10. The day I am checking out, can I stay overnight or have overnight guests in my room/unit or apartment?

Students have 24 hours to move out of their room/unit/apartment. If a student is traveling great distances, they may request to stay overnight. Given the circumstances, no overnight guests will be allowed to stay in a student’s residence hall room/unit or apartment.

11. What if I need to store my belongings?

Benedictine College cannot provide storage on campus for any student belongings. There are local storage options listed below.

Atchison, KS:

Atchison Public Storage (913) 833-4381
Local facility with storage units available to rent on a monthly basis.  The units are NOT climate-controlled.  Packing and transportation of belongings to and from the facility is the responsibility of the renter(s). 

Leavenworth, KS:

Packing and transportation of belongings to and from the facility is the responsibility of the renter(s).

Storage Box, Inc. (913) 727-1236
1314 Eisenhower Road, Leavenworth, KS
(29 miles from campus)

Logan Street Mini Storage LLC (913) 682-6161
319 Logan Street, Leavenworth, KS
(29 miles from campus)

St. Joseph, MO:

U-Haul Moving & Storage of Saint Joseph – please see link here.

12. Is it possible to get a refund for at least a portion of the spring housing/meal plans that we paid since we are not even going to be there?

We know there are many questions about refunds for unused dining plans and for the time students won’t spend in the residence halls. We want to assure students and families that we are having discussions about how to address these important questions in a fair and equitable way for both the students and the College. Our room and board policy accounts for pro-rated refunds of meal plans but the policy does not currently allow for room refunds. We know we have some fixed costs with both room and board—and those fixed costs are committed to paying people who serve our students—RD’s, dining hall staff, etc.  However, this situation is unprecedented, so we appreciate everyone’s patience while we sort through what we can and can’t do.

Moving Out: What to Expect

You will have received verification of card access from submitting the Request to Checkout Form. This will ensure card access on the day you come to campus. There will be an Express Check-Out Form for you to complete which will be taped to your door that you can fill out and leave on the door post completion. If applicable, when you have completed your Express Check-Out, you will need to leave your room key at your residence hall’s RA office.

Prior to Arrival

  • Confirm that you have received verification from the Benedictine College Student Life Office for your requested move-out date to ensure card access in your residence hall.
  • In order to help safeguard fellow students, their families, and staff members – we request that students and their families begin monitoring their health for symptoms as a proactive self-screening measure prior to completing their check-out. Primary symptoms to look for include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. We ask that anyone coming to campus be asymptomatic.
  • Public health experts are encouraging social distancing. We ask that students communicate with their roommates to alternate times they are moving out to increase their social distancing if possible.

Upon Arrival / During Move-Out

  • Students will not go through the normal check-out process; an Express Check-Out procedure has been put in place.
  • There is limited staff in the halls that will be available to assist students with questions about checking out.
  • Dumpsters will be available at locations close to residential facilities for students to discard any items they are not taking with them.
  • Common spaces in each building (entrances, elevators, hallways, etc.) will be cleaned on a regular basis by College staff.
  • Please note: We will not be accepting donations for discarded items during this expedited move-out. All items must either be taken with you or discarded in the dumpsters.

After Check-Out

  • Once a student (or designated representative if the student is unable to travel to campus) has moved out all their belongings, turned in their keys and signed check-out forms, we will consider that student officially checked out.
  • There should be no items left in the room/apartment/house/unit.  Anything left will be considered trash and discarded.
  • Rooms should be emptied and wiped down but we understand the number one objective will be for students to move their belongings out in a timely fashion.

Families can assist students with moving out of the residence halls even during times that would normally be prohibited by Visitation hours.

Please direct questions to the Student Life Office by emailing:  Due to the volume of requests we will do our best to respond to your email within 48 hours.