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“The Raven Walk” Networking Platform

That long walk up the bluff to class is a common experience for all Ravens. And that daily journey is the inspiration for Benedictine College’s new networking platform, The Raven Walk.

The Raven Walk

The Raven Walk networking platform is accessible at

The Raven Walk platform allows alumni to give back by serving as mentors to fellow alumni and students, sharing their insights and perspectives with those who are navigating the early stages of their careers or preparing to enter the job market. It will foster connections, meaningful career conversations, and “flash mentorship” by taking advantage of the expertise within our incredibly loyal alumni community.

To facilitate this, The Raven Walk will match alumni with students based on compatibility; using personal, career and academic interests as common variables. Students reach out to alumni volunteers who are willing to share their time, expertise and advice on the current job market. Alumni participants will be able to specify how they would like to provide assistance for students through conversations on career explorations, industry trends and expertise, work/life balance, job/internship search as a well as possible shadowing opportunities.

Alumni can login using email or LinkedIn. Students can also log in with their RavenZone account. A LinkedIn login optimizes the experience for both alumni and students due to the depth of data available. The site includes career resources and videos available to all users.

The Raven Walk can also be used for alumni to alumni communication and to set up affinity groups based on interests, geographic locations or other parameters.

Here are the options within The Raven Walk:

  • Serve as a mentor to students and alumni who share your career interests and aspire to be where you are.
  • Expand your network by making direct connections with other Benedictine professionals.
  • Gain valuable perspective from alumni who may mentor you as you continue your career journey.
  • Join affinity groups within the Benedictine community based on your interests, activities, employment, and geographic location.

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