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Service-Learning Newsletter
November 2019

November 14, 2019

Dear Friends,

The Center for Service-Learning is officially in its fourth – so, I suppose you could say its "senior" – year! Along with our fellow seniors, we are asking ourselves where the time has gone! It seems that just yesterday we were all starting our new chapter at Benedictine, filled with excitement, curiosity, motivation, and a keen awareness that we were in uncharted territory. With each passing semester, both the Class of 2020 and the Center for Service-Learning have confronted obstacles, solved problems, gained insight, experienced setbacks, achieved goals, strengthened ties, and sought to become ever more integrated into this community of faith and scholarship. It’s remarkable to see the changes, both in the students and in the Center itself. And yet another change is on the horizon: Graduation. In light of that, seniors may find themselves in a particularly intense experience of their minds jumping from cherished memories, to present concerns, to future plans, to nostalgia again, to laying out what’s next, back to tasks at hand, etc. Even though the Center for Service-Learning won’t be graduating in May, we can and should still follow the example of our “classmates.” This kind of intentional reflection upon the past, present, and future will serve us well as we seek to continually improve service-learning at Benedictine. I hope that, through this newsletter, you will catch a glimpse of the numerous ways we are seeking to do just that. Enjoy the read and keep an eye out for our December edition!

Thank you,

Meredith Stoops
Director of Service-Learning