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Service-Learning in Fall 2019 Classes

Service-Learning courses this semester include:

  • Professor Jay Wallace's Graphic Design II
  • Professor Bryan Park's Professional Practices
  • Dr. Patrisha Bugayong's Organic Chemistry I Lab
  • Dr. Kevin Bryant's Juvenile Delinquency
  • Dr. Rick Coronado's Contemporary Economic Thinking
  • Dr. Matt Ramsey's Psychology of Individuals with Exceptionalities
  • Noel Rueb's School as Community
  • Professor Kelly Cogan's Science and Health Methods and Media
  • Dr. David Bryant's Cray Entrepreneurship Labs
  • Dr. Jeremy Sienkiewicz's Missionary Practicum
    (Evangelization and Catechesis)
  • Dr. Daphne McConnell and Colleagues' Understanding Homelessness in America
    (General Studies)
  • Dr. Joshua Wolf and Colleagues' Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    (General Studies)
  • Professor Mary Flynn's Elementary Physical Education Curriculum
    (Exercise Science)
  • Dr. Mike Throop's Digital Philanthropy
    (Mass Communications)
  • Dr. Kevin Page's Senior Seminar
    (Mass Communications)
  • Dr. Amy Posey's Service Experience in Psychology
  • Dr. John Rziha's Christian Moral Life
  • Dr. Mikail Whitfield's Christian Moral Life
  • Dr. Matthew Ramage's Christianity and World Religions
  • Dr. Jamie Blosser's Introduction to Theology