November 2018 Service-Learning Newsletter

Service-Learning in Classes


New in Fall 2018

Students in Jay Wallace’s Digital Illustration are partnering with CASA to illustrate a book that can be used to explain CASA’s mission to kids.


Offered again in Fall 2018

Dr. David Harris’ Introduction to Econometrics class worked in small groups to gather relevant data sets and apply econometric analysis to information for local community partners. This year, students are serving the Atchison Community Health Clinic and St. Benedict’s Abbey.


Offered again in Fall 2018

Science and Health Methods and Media, currently taught by Kelly Cogan, students design hands-on science experiences for children whose first language is not English.

General Studies

New in Fall 2018

Students in the special topics seminar, Discovering Atchison, explore the culture, history, and geography of our city. Service-learning options at local agencies such as the YMCA, Atchison Public Library, Atchison Elementary, and Mount St. Scholastica Monastery complement lectures, guest speakers, and other field experiences as students learn about Atchison and grow in a commitment to community engagement.


Offered again in Fall 2018

In Dr. Jamie Blosser’s Introduction to Theology, students learn about Christian faith and morals, and then put that into practice through acts of service in Atchison and beyond.

Other courses this semester include:

  • Professor Jay Wallace's Graphic Design II (Art)
  • Professor Christa Kagin's Professional Practices (Art)
  • Dr. Patrisha Bugayong's Organic Chemistry I Lab (Chemistry)
  • Dr. Mehdi Mesjedi's Organic Chemistry I Lab (Chemistry)
  • Dr. Kevin Bryant's Juvenile Delinquency (Criminology)
  • Dr. Rick Coronado's Contemporary Economic Thinking (Economics)
  • Dr. David Harris' Econometrics (Economics)
  • Dr. Matt Ramsey's Psychology of Individuals with Exceptionalities (Education)
  • Noel Rueb's School as Community (Education)
  • Professor Brian Henry's Enactus (Business)
  • Dr. Jeremy Sienkiewicz's Missionary Practicum (Evangelization and Catechesis)
  • Professor Mary Flynn's Elementary Physical Education Curriculum (Exercise Science)
  • Dr. Kevin Page's Senior Seminar (Mass Communications)
  • Dr. Amy Posey's Service Experience in Psychology (Psychology)
  • Dr. John Rziha's Christian Moral Life (Theology)
  • Professor Mikail Whitfield's Christian Moral Life (Theology)
  • Dr. Matthew Ramage's Christianity and World Religions (Theology)