Pharmacy | Benedictine College


Division of Health, Science, and Mathematics

The pharmacy program is a 6-year program including two years of pre-pharmacy coursework followed by four years of professional training. Students wishing to obtain a Doctor of Pharmacy degree may complete their pre-pharmacy requirements at Benedictine College. Pre-pharmacy requirements vary between different pharmacy schools, but they generally include the following courses:

  •     Bi 121, General Biology I
  •     Bi 247, Human Anatomy and Physiology
  •     Bi 360, Microbiology
  •     Ch 103, General Chemistry I or Ch 123, Advanced General Chemistry I
  •     Ch 104, General Chemistry II or Ch 124, Advanced General Chemistry II
  •     Ch 105, General Chemistry I Laboratory
  •     Ch 106, General Chemistry II Laboratory
  •     Ch 231, Organic Chemistry I
  •     Ch 232, Organic Chemistry I Laboratory
  •     Ch 233, Organic Chemistry II
  •     Ch 234, Organic Chemistry II Laboratory
  •     En 101, English Composition
  •     En 102, Introduction to Literature
  •     Ma 131, Calculus I
  •     Se 222, Speech Communication

Plus eighteen credit hours humanities/social sciences.

Students may get more information on campus from the chair of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.