International Students - Helpful Links

Social Security Number (SSN)

International students may apply for a free social security number by checking with the Center for International Education. You must have a job offer before you can apply for a social security number. Students will need the SSN Application, On Campus verification form (provided by International Advisor), I-20 from Benedictine College, passport, visa and I-94.

Kansas State ID

It is recommended all International students acquire a Kansas State ID to be used in place of your passport. Passports can be very expensive to replace if lost or stolen. You can obtain a Kansas State ID at the Atchison County Office: 423 North Fifth Street. It is within walking distance of campus. You will need the following to apply for a Kansas State ID:

  • Valid passport with I-94
  • Benedictine College Student ID
  • Fee is required: $22 (cash only)

Kansas Driver’s License

You must have a driver’s license, either from your country or the United States, to drive. If you already have a valid license from another country and are visiting Kansas, you may drive for up to one year within the state. You’ll also need an International Driver permit, issued from your home country, which basically translates your license to make it understandable to U.S. officials. For more information on how to apply for a license as a non-citizen please call 785-296-3963. Other information can be found at

Tax Information for International Students

International students are subject to filing certain tax documents with Internal Revenue Services (IRS) regardless of employment in the United States. Please read the following document for more information.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your International Advisor in the Center for International Education at