English as a Second Language

The English as a Second Language program prepares students for the academic demands of university classes and offers English language support throughout students’ attendance at Benedictine College.


International students, whose native language is not English, may apply to the College without an English language assessment score.  Such students may be accepted conditionally and will be required to take an English language assessment exam.  The results of the exam will determine the ESL level students enter: beginning, intermediate, or advanced.  To exit the ESL program, students must complete advanced level classes (Es 205, 222, 273, 293) with a 3.0 GPA and/or must demonstrate proficiency in the four language skills areas: reading comprehension, writing, speaking, and listening.   Upon exiting the program, students will receive academic credit for the general education foreign language requirement.

The following are possible schedules for incoming ESL students:

Lowest Level ESL Ability
ESLIntroduction to American Culture1
ESLWriting with Grammar I4
ESLReading with Vocabulary I4
ESLListening & Speaking4
ArtDrawing, Painting, Ceramics3
MusicChorus, Instrument Lessons, Band1
PESwimming, Weight Lifting, Aerobics, Dancing2
Middle Level ESL Ability
ESLWriting with Grammar II4
ESLIntegrated Skills3
ESLIntermediate Composition3
ArtPhotography, Drawing, Ceramics3
MusicChorus, Instrument Lessons1
PESports, Health2
Advanced Level ESL Ability
ESLAdvanced Integrated Skills3
ESLPublic Speaking3
ESLReading Across the Curriculum3
BusinessManagement, Accounting, Finance2-3
MathQuantitative Analysis, Statistics, Calculus3-4
OtherFine Arts, Dance, Sports3
Advanced Level ESL Ability
ESLAdvanced Composition & Research3
MathQuantitative Analysis, Statistics, Calculus3
ScienceAstronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Physics3
ArtPhotography, Drawing, Ceramics3-4
HumanitiesPolitical Science, Psychology, Sociology3
OtherTheology, Philosophy, Mass Communications3

See course descriptions in the College Catalog.