Philosophy - General Education Requirement | Benedictine College

Philosophy and the General Education Requirement at Benedictine

As part of their general education requirements, all students at Benedictine College are required to take a core course in philosophy and two courses in the area of “Philosophical Inquiry.”

PHIL-1750, Principles of Nature, is the “Core” philosophy class, required of all students at Benedictine College.  In this class, which is a prerequisite for all other philosophy classes, students learn about the basics of philosophical reasoning.  They also study key ideas in philosophy of nature such as what defines the natural (as opposed to the artificial), the causes of change in the natural world, and the question of whether there is purpose in nature.   This class gives students the foundation they need before going on to talk about the soul, God, and morality.  

In addition to Principles of Nature, all students need to take two Philosophical Inquiry courses (all courses that fulfill this requirement are listed  here). Many students at Benedictine fulfill this requirement with the philosophy department’s three most frequently offered classes, which are designed with all students in mind: Logic, Philosophical Psychology, and Ethics.

PHIL-2010, Logic, is of special interest for those who want to learn more about the structure of human reasoning.  Students who study logic not only learn how thought works, they improve their ability to analyze arguments in any context, and they learn how to build their own arguments in defense of the truth.

PHIL-2550, Philosophical Psychology, is the ideal follow-up to Ph 175.  In this class, students consider the nature of the human soul and its relation to the body.  They read arguments on whether the soul survives death and discuss what it means to be alive. 

PHIL-3250, Ethics, is designed to help student think about the right way to live as human beings.  Students in this class read authors who discuss the goal of human life and how it is best achieved.

The philosophy department is committed to helping all of our Benedictine students achieve the insight and truths that these classes offer.  Students from all backgrounds and all areas of interest have found that these classes give them strong, well-reasoned foundations that help them for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Macierowski with students outside
Dr. Rioux teaching