Athletic Training Program Student Graduation and Employment Rate

3-Year Retention Rate Data 2016-19

Item2016-172017-182018-193 Year Aggregate
# of Students who began the program (Cohort number)4004
# of Students who returned the second year2NANA2
Retention Rate50%NANA50%
# of Students who returned the third year2NANA2
Retention Rate50%NANA50%

In January 2017 Benedictine College requested a withdrawal of its Athletic Training Education effective June 30, 2019.  Students who are currently in the program (Seniors and Juniors) have the opportunity to matriculate through the AT course of study and will continue to qualify to sit for the Board of Certification examination upon completion of their graduation requirements.

The Benedictine College Athletic Training major is transitioning to become the Athletic Health Care major.  Students entering school August 2016 or after (current Sophomores or Juniors) are eligible to select the new major in preparation for advanced degrees in athletic training or physical therapy.  Students that select the Athletic Health Care major will not be part of an accredited academic program nor will they be eligible to sit for the BOC examination.

Student Graduation Rate Data 2015-18

2015-162016-172017-183 year Aggregate
# of Students graduating from the program59115
Student Graduation Rate (%)71%100%100%88%

Graduation rate (taken from United States Department of Education): Measures the progress of students who began their studies as full-time degree or certificate seeking students by showing the percentage of those students who complete their degree within a150% of “normal time” for completing the program in which they are enrolled.  Graduation rate is calculated as: the sum of students in the cohort (excluding students with the status of leave of absence (medical) or deceased).

Student Employment Rate Data 2015-18

2015-162016-172017-183 year Aggregate
# of Students Employed as AT1405
Student Graduation Rate (%)20%44%033%

Graduate Employment/placement rate: Percentage of students within 6 months of graduation that have obtained positions in the following categories: employed as an Athletic Trainer or Employed as an Athletic Trainer and in a degree or residency program then divided by the total number of students who have graduated (excluding students with a Not Employed, due to military service or Deceased.