Board of Certification Pass Rate

Board of Certification 3-Year Pass Rate 2015-18

Item2015-162016-172017-183 Year Aggregate
# of Program Grads59115
# of Grads who took BOC Examination3519
# Passed on first attempt2305
% First Attempt Pass rate67%60%056%
# Passed on subsequent attempts3305
% Multiple attempts Pass rate100%60%067%

The Athletic Training Program at Benedictine College is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE). The program was placed on Probation as of February 19, 2016 because it lacked a 70% first-time pass rate as required by the CAATE, 6850 Austin Center Blvd., Suite 100, Austin, TX 78731-3101.

In January 2017 Benedictine College requested a withdrawal of its Athletic Training Education effective June 30, 2019.  Students who are currently in the program (Seniors and Juniors) have the opportunity to matriculate through the AT course of study and will continue to qualify to sit for the Board of Certification examination upon completion of their graduation requirements.