Exercise Science Major | Benedictine College

Exercise Science Major

2017-18 Course Sequence

Core Curriculum (24-26)

  • EXSC-1150, Foundations of Human  Movement (2) 
  • EXSC 2209, Personal and Community Health (2) 
  • EXSC-2210, First Aid and Personal Safety (2) 
  • EXSC-2240, Structural Anatomy (3)
    • Teacher Education take BIOL-2242, Human Anatomy & Physiology I, and BIOL-2243, Human Anatomy & Physiology II, instead
  • EXSC-2263, Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries (3) 
  • EXSC-3357, Tests and Measurements in Health and Physical Education (3) EXSC-3366, Physiology of Exercise (3) EXSC-3380, Kinesiology and Biomechanical Analysis (3)
  • EXSC-4402, Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Sports (2)
  • EXSC-SRCOMP, Senior Comprehensive
  • plus one swimming course (1) or swim proficiency test, and one dance course (1) chosen from EXSC-1101, Aerobics, EXSC-1123, Country Social Dance, EXSC-1126, Fitness Zumba, or EXSC-1111 (Dance Team only).

A major will choose one area of specialization.

Areas of Specialization

  1. Teaching Physical Education and Health: EXSC-1105, EXSC-2220, EXSC-2222, EXSC-3302, EXSC-3303, EXSC-3350, EXSC-3365, and EXSC-4457, an approved fitness course, auxiliary requirement, BIOL-1107, BIOL-2242, and BIOL-2243. For teacher licensing, students must also complete the appropriate K-12 teacher licensure program courses.
  2. Coaching: EXSC-2220, EXSC-2222, EXSC-2240, EXSC-3303, EXSC-3350, and two Theory of Coaching courses.
  3. Leisure Management: EXSC-2240, EXSC-3365, EXSC-4401, EXSC-2205, EXSC-4404, and an approved fitness course.
  4. Sports Management: EXSC core curriculum, an approved fitness course, EXSC-2240, minor in business administration, and EXSC-4411