Education - Partnership Schools

Benedictine Education Department is engaged in collaborative partnerships with area schools and school districts to carry out mutually beneficial preservice and inservice professional education. Partnership School Agreements among the college and schools are tailored to the needs of each institution and designed in accordance with the nationally recognized professional development schools attributes, including more efficient and effective use of resources; coherent and meaningful field experiences; improved opportunities for professional development; and collaboration, research, and evaluation among college faculty, students, and practitioners.

Partnership schools offer the BC students a range of diverse settings in which to engage in developmental experiences. K-12 school faculty serve as clinical supervisors of students and collaborate with BC faculty in providing mentored teaching and learning opportunities that encourage discovery, application, and reflective assessment. The schools recognize and support the Education Department's mission to prepare educators as Builders of Community. BC Teacher Education Program students carry out their field experiences in partnership schools and are required to participate in a variety of diverse settings.

Through collaborative planning, schools work with BC faculty to offer professional development opportunities for the education community, which allow novice and expert teachers to learn together and model strategies for building learning communities.