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While Benedictine College has a strong emphasis on undergraduate liberal arts education, the College has developed a limited number of graduate programs in accordance with the longstanding tradition of responding to the needs of the times. The MBA is the generally accepted degree for professional managers of business and nonprofit organizations.

Department Overview

The primary objective of the School of Business is to prepare students for successful and rewarding careers in traditional business occupations establishing a strong foundation for management and executive roles and responsibilities. The School of Business offers five degrees (all Bachelor of Arts): accounting, finance, international business, management, and marketing. These programs reflect a belief that professionals require technical and leadership skills that are balanced with the perspective, critical thinking, and communication skills produced by a combined business and liberal arts education.

Career Opportunities*

  • Fortune magazine states that MBA graduates make $45,000 more (median starting salary) than those with a bachelor degree.
  • MBA graduates find careers with products and services companies, in the technology sector, finance and accounting firms, and consulting companies, and are increasingly filling roles in marketing and sales and operations and logistics.

* U.S. News & World Report, Hot Jobs for MBA Grads


Michael King, J.D.
Associate Professor and School of Business Director
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  • David Bryant, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor
  • David Geenens, M.B.A.
    Adjunct Professor
  • Lyndsey Gewecke
    Assistant Professor
  • Jan Hansen, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor
  • Brain Henry, M.S.B, M.B.A.
    Assistant Professor and Finance Program Chair
  • Donald Hoy, J.D.
    Professor Emeritus
  • Clay Johnston, M.B.A.
    Assistant Professor and Marketing Program Chair
  • Michael King, J.D.
    Associate Professor and School of Business Director
  • Madelines Rogers, J.D.
    Assistant Professor
  • Kristen Whiteley
    Assistant Professor

(33 credit hours)

  • ACCT-5510 Accounting Information for Management (3)

  • BUSI-5551 Human Resource Management (3)

  • BUSI-5555 Business Practice & Corporate Social Responsibility (3)

  • BUSI-6559 Global Strategy/International Ventures (3)*

  • BUSI-5571 Business Law & Ethical Decision Making (3)

  • BUSI-5520 Managerial Economics (3)

  • BUSI-6540 Integral Business Creation Practicum (3)*

  • BUSI-6552 Leadership (3)

  • BUSI-6580 Marketing Strategy (3)

  • BUSI-6900 Strategic Management (3)*

  • FINC-6590 Financial Management (3)**

* According to the 2018-2019 Benedictine College Catalog, these courses are taken in the final semester.

** Must complete ACCT-5510 before enrolling in FINC-6590.

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