Master of Arts in School Leadership

MASL, Department of Education

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While Benedictine College has a strong emphasis on undergraduate liberal arts education, the College has developed a limited number of graduate programs in accordance with the longstanding tradition of responding to the needs of the times. The MBA is the generally accepted degree for professional managers of business and nonprofit organizations.

Department Overview

Education Department programs are built upon the framework of “Educators as Builders of Community.” The programs call for future teachers and administrators to perceive their roles in education as developers of community. The learning community is within classrooms and schools, as well as outside their walls. Not only do education graduates work toward building community with students, families, and members of the local community, but they see a purpose of education to be the development of individuals who assume responsibility for building a healthy community locally, nationally, and globally. Grounded in a Benedictine, liberal arts tradition, the program advocates that the goals and means of the educative process are complementary and seek the pursuit of human dignity and social responsibility.

Degree Objectives

  • Build learning communities where students and teachers make meaningful choices, communicate and collaborate with others, think critically and conceptually, and act justly.
  • Model decision making processes that are inquiry-based, equitable, and reflect the values of Benedictine communities.
  • Actively involve the community as a partner in the educational process.

Suggested Sequence of Courses

See the printable factsheet for a suggested sequence of courses for this degree.


Matthew Ramsey, Ph.D.
Professor and co-Chair
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Christi Adams, Ed.D.
Associate Professor and co-Chair
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